Parents · Woes


“ni anaknya bila pulak ni?”

“jangan lupa jemput ehh!”

seriously, i hope my parents dont give in and lupa to invite these kind of people. makcik2 kepo semacam ah. benci benci benci!


15 thoughts on “Irritated

    1. tanya la balik “eh ape hal kene jemput adik beradik plak?” LOL!

      I dun mind if relatives asking cos they are in the end our relatives jugak but ni my mum nye ex colleague yg ckp “jgn lupa jemput ehh!” on top of that, I mmg tak fav dat particular makcik, so kepo tahap extreme tsk!

  1. keep calm and say, “kad OOS ah cik” hehehhe.
    okay on a serious note, biasa lah most of the makciks kalau boleh nak attend every wedding in they world. sometimes even acquaintances do that. lets take it they wanna celebrate our happy days with us. walaupun kekadang makanhati jugak bila disuruh jemput orang yang tak kenal.
    keep calm ye kak… 😉

    1. I told my mum “no need invite her la, I dun like her” and my mum replied “you dun like her, you dun like her la. You just duduk diam2 atas pelamin” -____-

      But my main objective is to not over-invite. I told my parents time and again, ours is combined wedding and we do not want to overpower the guy’s side. Alaaa without trying also da overpower seh >.>

      And yes lo, still keeping calm, belum masa nak burst LOL! And hopefully, tak la 🙂

  2. I hate that when we dah kire cun cun cards for people then they start, “si dekni kau tak jemput?kan sedara” or “eh kau dah tunang?jgn lupe jemput okay”. perghhh!

    1. sedara medara, bilang dorg rilek suaaa HAHAHAH!! no la, i get wher you are coming from. mcm frustrating seh. da invite this person suda la, and its our choice who we want to invite ma rite. yg tak kenal even tho sedara pun takkan nak invite. i told my mum, waste our cards aje. she said “just jemput la. dorg dtg ke tak its their pasal…” wat pasal! cards are money too! and its my pasal la whthr i want to invite them or not but of cos i nvr menjawab back 😦

      1. Same here!!esp my paternal side coz dorang org boyan. semua sedara. even his second cousin’s grand daughter pon sedara. even his guru ngaji nye wife nye anak sedara oso sedara T_T i nak close knitted wedding je and sape nak bayar ramai2 nye makan??!!

      2. gini i pun sedara la? Hahahahahah!
        but then again, what my mum always tell me, rezeki di tangan Tuhan, tak baik ckp gitu. haiz, but wat to do when nak kasi org makan pun mahal 😦

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