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Favour Ah Please?

We have finally agreed on the berkats for our adult guests! after months of “berkat da cari belum?” from my ever kancheong mama, we have come to a decision to go tradisional! simple and cheap2 is the way to go 😛 and you will noe what we have chosen later in this entry.

actually kan, we have made a list of what to give our guests and list the pros and cons to weigh our options.

1) kek berkat/cupcake/mini cupcake in box


Source: Chic Wedding Favours

practical cos its edible but a bit pricey i think(?) referring to the quotations i received back in 2011 when i was planning for my engagement.

2) hand towels


Source: The Giggle Guide

practical cos towels can be used as face towels, or kain lap lap also known as kain buruk LOL! and cheap2 too, can be bought ready-made from Jaybee. but I gave hand towels to my guests during my engagement back in September 2011 already and i dont fancy repeated items. ngada2 eh!

3) paper/cloth fans


Source: My Wedding Reception Ideas

practical cos they can be used on hot weather like these days. makcik2 and lady guests will like la, dunno abt the men though hehehe!

4) sambal belacan (it was something that i thought of suddenly LOL!)


Source: Wahyu Brand

practical cos it is edible and can be kept for a few days maybe months also. but the usual sambal belacan we consume (from Wahyu Brand) costs ard $3(?) if im not wrong. $3 times 1200 guests equals $3.6K eeyerrr! dunno whether they take bulk orders or not, might be cheaper but i never ask for quotations.

5) hard-boiled eggs


Source: Love in November

practical cos its edible and cheap2 and good2. can ask the caterer to boil the eggs for us and we can pack ourselves. cheap labour!

6) pulut kuning with hard-boiled eggs

.facebook_-1916129050 .facebook_-1954478770

Source: Divaforall

practical cos its edible but i dunno whether they are cheap2 and good2 or not. i did not liaise with any vendors who provide these as they are not one of my top choices. the normal plain ones are ok-priced la, maybe that’s the market rate. but those with fillings are above $2 dollars already. first got to know about pulut berkat with fillings from the reliable Kahwin Khronicles 🙂

Pulut berkat...(1)

Source: Divaforall

filled with beef rendang YUM!

7) tea/coffee bags/pack/sachets

content_68 27_Nescafe_3_in_1__62226_zoom

tea bags are common but coffee ? i think not. i’m sure most adults are coffee drinkers and will be happy to receive these as berkats but 1 where got enough right hahahaha! to beautify them to make them favour-worthy, u can stick a “Thank you” sticker on each box or coffee sachets. LOL! imagine kasi guests only 1 coffee sachet eh?


as you can see from my list, there is a common factor; which is Practicality. we want the berkats to be as practical as possible so that our guests will appreciate them. i have received countless mugs and cawans which are practical yes but if da banyak sangat, buat semak dalam our kitchen cabinets dun you think? we have 6 mouths in the household only you noe. and yes, i will admit that my family has thrown berkats that we found of no use.

other berkat ideas i have in mind were;

1) candles


Source: A1 Wedding Invitations

2) soaps


Source: Etsy

3) coasters


Source: Do You Need A Favor

4) mugs

Whimsical Couple Mug

Source: I Do I Do

but, meh… we do not want our guests to chuck our favours in one corner after our event day. very wasteful la, you spent an amount of money on them to be chucked away and collect dust.

so our choice practical berkat for our guests is HARD BOILED EGGS! or berkat telur. yay! cheap2 and good2! and very traditional! gone were the days that people gave away hard boiled eggs in simple packing, nowadays you see chocolates la, mugs la, kain la, rarely hard boiled eggs. so we decided on hard boiled eggs cos they wont burst our budget (i hope HEH) and guests can eat them and end of story.

so when i saw this,


Source: Kahwin Khronicles

i IMMEDIATELY fell in love with the traditional way of presenting the berkat. so cute or wat rite! however, when i tried to source online, i could not find any reliable sources. I whatsapped my mama and she fell in love as well (SCORE!) we attacked Joo Chiat Complex but left empty handed.

so if any of you girls noe where to find these cute little woven boxes, please please PLEASE tell me.
Favour ah please?


19 thoughts on “Favour Ah Please?

  1. Here to say I LOVE that Wahyu Power belacan. Must have for every meal if can and definitely won’t mind receiving it as berkat haha.. Also that’s a very pretty packaging for telur but I’ve never seen mini woven baskets before though.. Hopefully you’ll find it soon

    1. but mahal! 3bucks per sambal. but i have not asked whthr they take in bulk orders or not la. hahaha! the woven baskets damn cute rite, so comel seh 😀 yala, hopefully can find if not must settle for alternatives.

  2. Hey babe..you can check it out at Kahwins Wedding in JB. It’s at Taman Perling. I bought my berkat, bunga rampai holder, bunga pahar and other wedding decor supplies from there too. I was there last Saturday and saw those little woven boxes. I forgot the price but prolly between RM1.50 – RM3.50. Let me know if you need the address. =)

      1. I usually drive there via Tuas Checkpoint. Memang very near! But there’s a bus from Boon Lay and Jurong East that goes to Taman Perling although alighting point is at Perling Mall which is quite near, but feels like a very long walk under the hot hot sun..hahah..

        I emailed you already! =)

      2. hahahahaha so puteri lilin! 😛 thank you, i just saw. hopefully can visit when we settle our telur issue. seems like my caterer dun provide this service. sighhh~

      3. hhaha yes I memang puteri lilin!! I will fall sick if I stay under the sun for too long!! hmm yeah some caterers don’t provide that service, although mine don’t mind boiling the eggs for us as long as we provide the eggs. But she did mention that she doesn’t recommend it la cos when caterer boil the eggs, they will use a very big pot and although steps, like putting newspaper inside the pot, or plastic bags, are taken, ALOT of the eggs will still break. She recommended us to steam it at home instead so as to avoid any losses. At the same time, steamed eggs last longer than boiled eggs. =)

      4. Wahh you have sensitive body/skin eh? So I guess u dun go to the beach? I not puteri lilin but I dun like to sweat heh 😛

        Oh? Very leceh seh the procedure. I tot just longgok into the pot and boil aje. I tot of doin it ourselves klau no choice. Hahaha! But the thing is, mesti pakai electricity byk. Mampoi seh October nye electric bill melambung LOL! 😛

      5. haha..i guess so. My body can’t take much of the sun and I also don’t like to be under the sun hehe..I love the beach and the sea but I prefer night time. I love snorkeling too, but when I do snorkel, I pakai ALOT of sunscreen and rush to be under shade once I get out of the water. hehehe

        Yup it is..another option is to boil or steam outside your house. If you have a portable stove, get a tong of gas, n steam there.. my aunt suggested that to me..

      6. hahahahahah!!! after swimming then rush out cari shade eh? 😛

        ya Allah, makin kita nak senang and relac in time for our wedding, makin busy pulak eh? if leceh sangat and couldnt get people to help me rebus the eggs, i might just scrap the idea of berkat telur seh. i tanak susahkan my family or relatives.

      1. Hi

        Noted with thanks. I have try quite a few malay provision shops found in neighborhoods
        but no luck at all.

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