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“Jangan Lupa Jemput Ehh”

i have settled my invitation card with a local vendor because

  1. i am very scared nak rempuh Jaybee becos of recent news;
  2. i am very malas to go back and forth even though i know i can eat my favourite Yong Tau Foo at Angsana when we go in YUM!;
  3. somehow i dun trust them; and
  4. it will be easier to communicate with people who talk our language i.e mix of english and malay

Also, my fiance’s name is very unique and confirm sure got many mistakes one, so i’d rather liaise with a local.

So thank you Dear Dyan! for extending her The Card Maison‘s expo promotion to me. i mean i confirmed want her to design my cards just after her event at expo so still valid k. bukannye baru confirm eh, so jangan salah faham please 😛

and i’m sure Card Maison is no stranger in this BTB world. she has more than enough designs to choose from and it will crazy for me to post all my favourites here.

2312014161849 2312014162020

Source: The Card Maison

yes, I looovvveee the colour Green! 😀


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