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Love At First Try

ada tak platinum wedding bands for men that cost less than $500? I know it is impossible and very far-fetched but Yan has already put his feet down firmly on this. Nothing above $500 (phew(?) for me? LOL!)

In case you are wondering why Yan doesnt mind settling on a cheaper alternative, it is because he finds these weddinng bands so ridiculously over-priced and he knows he cannot wear it at work because of his job in handling electronics and he just doesnt like wearing rings. senang cakap, very rimas la hahaha!

it came to the extend that Soo Kee’s salesman even recommended Couple Lab. Tak kelakar eh? I nearly spit out my tea seh. Agak agak ah nak recommend customers kalau ye pun.

Meanwhile, i also kepo2 asked for female wedding bands (kepo2 because motive is to survey his band cos men one a bit leceh ma), told the salesman my requirements;

– thicker band cos my fingers arent exactly ladylike
– diamond diamond la wat else kan!

and he passed me a band to try on.


HAHAHAHAHA! irritating eh!

immediately fell in love lo! the salesman said can put down a deposit if i really really like it but Yan who know me oh so well said no because i very fussy. takot keep changing mind if see nicer ones. hahaha! member boring time nak choose engagement ring back in 2011 hahahahaha cos i keep trying on rings and like this like that.

so after kekenyangan tea, we left with our bank accounts untouched LOL! means we never put down any deposits la.

masih terbayang-bayang seh with the ring that i tried on but knowing myself, better survey some more.


18 thoughts on “Love At First Try

  1. Babe, can consider titanium from t & co. I rmmbred my friend got it for less than 500. Or if he dont mind silver? Titanium lasts longer though. It is a cheaper alternative to platinum. πŸ™‚

    1. i showed this to Yan and told him “if youre gonna get a tiff n co, then im gonna get a tiff n co!” LOL!! thanks RD, will def check TnC out. tak tahu plak ade that kind of price there πŸ˜›

      1. Haha. Ade2. Cuma it is titanium. A lower range of platinum. My hubs tk suka cos of the design so we went for platinum eventually. He also cant wear much at work also actually. Happy looking! πŸ™‚

  2. Hello there! i was bloghopping and found yours. Name kite same tapi spelling lain..kes fussy tu same seh!! Haha.. was surveying our wedding rings too. My size da la very small.. size 7!! wedding band pon tk lepas seh.
    Better survey more babe…hehe! Gd luck!:)

  3. you can go for palladium or titanium, its like a range if i remember correctly. platinum is more exp than gold because of its qualities lah tak faham sgt. so if you dont mind you can try asking for palladium.. not all shops have it though!

    1. GBG is famous for malay muslim couples but i find them too steep though tsk. trying to find other alternative la but if no go, Couple Lab jugak nanti kita go LOL!

      1. eh ya GBG is actually not very cheap. my fiance nya we bought at Meyson, about 600+ or 700 jer, tu plus diamond so if without diamond u shd be able to get it cheaper!

      2. For men, takya la nak diamond2, plain band should be appropriate for him. Thanks for the suggestion even tho we had a not so nice experience with Meyson before, but we can try again πŸ™‚ mane tahu second time’s a charm ke…

  4. Lee hwa got palladium…. Can try see. I got a platinum ring for by bf for $600 at lee hwa sebab its a thin band like perempuan ring, so cheaper

  5. that was what my fiance said at first! insisted he didn’t want to spend a lot of money on his ring. I eventually decided to go ahead and just buy him a platinum ring. and you know what! he loved it. the quality is reallyyyyy good.

    1. nah~ my fiance mati2 said no already, and i oso happy la takya spend so much on something that i noe he wont be wearing and cannot wear during work time. imagine pegi keje pakai, sampai keje kene buka abeh tetiba hilang, hatiku luka hampa dan kecewa seh!

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