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What To Wear What To Wear

I know this is a somewhat stupidobvious question but what do one wear to a kursus?

I asked mama and she said “pakai la baju kurung!”

mama, please.



17 thoughts on “What To Wear What To Wear

  1. actually, i wore a jubah on my first day. it was the best, most comfortable piece of clothing i wore!
    second day, i wore a maxi dress with long cardigan. common sense, really – as long as you wear something decent, comfortable and covered, you’re good to go.

    1. jubah! so airy and spacious kan? hahaha if u noe wak i mean 😛

      actually, my bonus ques is, “kene pakai tudung tak?” hahahahah! Mesti my mum suruh pakai seh -_____-

  2. anything also can babe.. jeans and long top also can. anything comfortable. hee.. i wore jeans on second day. can’t be bothered liao. :p pasal nak dpt cert nye pasal.

      1. Hahahah! Depends where u are going. The one I went which is at kasih sejati can don’t wear also. Ade pakai knee length skirt also. Haha.

      1. I think depends where it’s gonna be held. If at community centre, up to you lah but if at masjid, better la to use.

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