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What To Wear What To Wear

I know this is a somewhat stupidobvious question but what do one wear to a kursus?

I asked mama and she said “pakai la baju kurung!”

mama, please.



17 thoughts on “What To Wear What To Wear

  1. Just wear as per normal babe. Dont have to wear tudung if you don’t wear it. Just make sure your outfit nicely covers you up. All the best and enjoy!

      1. Tak payah. Unless in masjid. But even if its in th3 masjid it should be in the auditorium. Haha

  2. actually, i wore a jubah on my first day. it was the best, most comfortable piece of clothing i wore!
    second day, i wore a maxi dress with long cardigan. common sense, really – as long as you wear something decent, comfortable and covered, you’re good to go.

    1. jubah! so airy and spacious kan? hahaha if u noe wak i mean 😛

      actually, my bonus ques is, “kene pakai tudung tak?” hahahahah! Mesti my mum suruh pakai seh -_____-

  3. anything also can babe.. jeans and long top also can. anything comfortable. hee.. i wore jeans on second day. can’t be bothered liao. :p pasal nak dpt cert nye pasal.

      1. Hahahah! Depends where u are going. The one I went which is at kasih sejati can don’t wear also. Ade pakai knee length skirt also. Haha.

      1. I think depends where it’s gonna be held. If at community centre, up to you lah but if at masjid, better la to use.

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