Thank You, Mr MP!

New Picture

mixture of shock and happiness when i got this email reply. shocked because walaoeh MP boleh layankan aku nye venue for wedding request seh. anyways, i can haz my choice venue after all!


 macam nak invite Mr MP to my wedding ah! hahahahaha!!!


8 thoughts on “Thank You, Mr MP!

  1. eh omg thats just somewhere behind my place! I actually had an idea of doing my wedding there because its quite an open space and i’ve seen cheena2 do their CNY/prayers there all..if they can do it why cant we kan? But then I thought of the waterpoint/electricity nak plug mana semua macam pening kepala. But once you get the quotation can share with me? Hehe sekali kita neighbours eh 😛

    1. becos we are not public enuf hahahah! the CSO told me it was for public usage but wat she meant was RC-organised events la. anyway, i did email the person MR MP cc-ed to but no replies. but gut feeling mesti mahal, abeh nanti kene pasang khemah la, confirm lagi mahal. so i decided to just use voiddeck la.

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