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I’ve Been Butter-ed

Can see by the title, obviously this is not a wedding post. Good grief, I may need another outlet for my non-wedding related ramblings seh.

Anyway, out of the blue (on Tuesday), my colleague ajak-ed me to Butterscotch Cafe.

2014-04-16 08.54.24

I hesitated at first because it was so sudden and summore it was a weekday and summore still, the cafe is located at Bukit Merah Central, so foreign seh for someone who lives and breathes east *cough* Tampines *cough*. I told her I see how la but then, she said the magic words “k aku belanja, aku ikhlas” Before you get the wrong idea, I am not by any chance a freeloader or tunggu-orang-belanja-baru-ikut nye kind but rezeki jangan di tolak ma rite? 😛

so off we go for an adventure to a foreign land hahahaha! we went via the bus route since ada straight bus to Bukit Merah Central from Shenton Way. Nasib around 5 minutes walk from the bus interchange. If you all wanna take the train also can, drop at Redhill station and be prepared to walk 15 to 30 minutes, depending on how fast or slow korang jalan ah.

lucky it only took us around 5 to 10 minutes and 1 round to find the cafe (ni 2 perempuan macam yeye nak explore foreign land nasib tak sesat LOL!). When we finally found it, I went “ahhh itu diaaa!” while pointing excitedly. My colleagued said “tak payah la nak tunjuk2, buat malu aku je…” HAHAHAHA!!


After ordering, the person who took our order handed me this giant clothes peg, to indicate our order number and i was amused by it hahahah!

now on to the food…! These were some of the dishes that we ordered and my personal POVs on them.


Brioche french toast with caramelised bananas, bacon and maple syrup

Verdict: LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! The thickly sliced brioche which is a more spongy and eggy bread than whitebread, still kept its shape even after being soaked in egg and milk mixture and pan-fried. I would love for the bananas to be more charred though. The burnt bits from the bananas and maple syrup was the best part of this dish for me. hahaha! priorities lari seh. Oh, serve them with ice cream? Even better!


Thickly sliced portobello mushrooms coated in batter, deep fried and served with melted cheese

Verdict: Loved them at first but after a few bites, I felt muak. Portobello mushrooms are meatier than their button friends so a few bites can easily make you feel full. But it was a nice dish, something new for me as I have never tried portobello mushrooms. I will suggest to share this. But even though my colleague and I did share, left a few more slices untouched.


Smoked salmon on brioche toast with poached eggs topped with hollandaise sauce and a side of salad

Verdict: Honestly, I have been wanting to try this dish ever since I saw how it was made on YouTube, nampak mcm best ma abeh the chef made it looked soo good when she was wolfing it down. But after i had my share of it, i did not like it. The mixture of poached eggs, sauce and the oozing egg yolks was too heavy and too rich for my palate, very cloying, mcm stuck to my throat gitu. After each bite, i drank my water just to push it down. I loved the side salad though! love the dressing especially. Too bad I did not ask what dressing was used. Bummed!



Verdict: This is apparently a must-try, kononnye the cafe’s signature dessert la. I had a few bites then asked my colleague to finish up and even though she liked it, she cannot finish it. A dish to share between 3 people at least. The serving was big for a “dessert” dish. Loved the crusty shell and pillowy interior, did not taste eggy, just nice even though souffle is egg-based. I like the Butterscotch ice cream served alongside, so creamy and err cold? Like it doesn’t melt easily la. I dont like icecreams that melt too fast.

Overall, we had a nice time samplingeating the different dishes. Something new for me la as i’ve never been to cafe joints, nice change of environment (takkan asik nak Fish N Co. je) 🙂 I will conclude and admit that we were too ambitious with our orders. Alaaa first time ma, kalau boleh nak try semua. You guys know the feeling right? LOL! Price-wise, I think the dishes are reasonably priced, mcm Swensens, Fish N Co prices gitu la. Dunno why some complain about the prices. The dishes were big so the prices do go hand in hand in my opinion. The next time I plan to go there, I want to try their so-many-people-order Truffle Fries and their humongous Chilli Crab Cake Burger. When the burger was served to a neigbour table and i swear my expression was like this…



ButterScotch Cafe

Blk 164 Bukit Merah Central #01-3625,Singapore 150164

Opening Hours:
Tues – Sunday: 8.30 am – 10 pm

How to get there:
Nearby MRT Stations: Redhill MRT Station
Bus Services in the vicinity: Bus 14, 147, 196, 197, 855, 961 and 961#


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