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Assalamualaikum, Our New Home

So we collected our prized home keys yesterday at H.DB. Appointment was set at 8:10am (betul tak kasi chan seh pagi2 buta kene pegi Toa Payoh) butΒ first (let me take a selfie HAHAHA lame) we have to buy fire insurance before key collection.

Dengan semangat nye, Yan and I agreed to meet at 7:30am and was told by the security pakcik that they will only open at 8am -_______- so we had breakfast first at the nearby Macdonalds.

8am, we proceeded to the second floor to purchase our insurance, dropped out appointment letter in their in-tray and waited. actually we were worried cos our appointment was set at 8:10am ma and there were others waiting to purchase their insurances too. Luckily, the procedure took around 5 minutes or less. Paid for it and went down to get our queue number.

The officer who served us was very how to say ah, slow motion(?) hahahah! uncle2 gitu la. I was relieved that the CSM did not serve us. I did not want her to know the girl who kept bombarding her with emails and calls during the whole process LOL!

So after 45 minutes or so of being artistes, signed so many documents, the officer finally handed us our key pouch with both hands HAHAHAH so drama sia.



(note: this is an old picture. yesterday tak posing2 depan pintu bcos yours truly was feeling under the weather)


Hall, dining area and entrance to the kitchen.


alley and our tiny kitchen -___- plus service yard.


both bathrooms.


and common bedrooms.

No pictures of the MBR because there was no way for me to capture the whole room. so cramped.


Sadly and truthfully, my current bedroom is much bigger and spacious than the MBR.


26 thoughts on “Assalamualaikum, Our New Home

    1. LOL! macam makcik2 seh HAHAHAHA!! terserempak kat Giant ke hahahah!!! very depressing mcm kene cheated. tgk dose 3D drawings done by IDs for BTOs, mcm rectangular abeh tgk square-ish plak -___- must plan reno properly seh, cannot put parallel cabinets, confirm cramped.

      1. Hahaha. Eh tklah makcik2. Kakak2. Lol. But yes, 3D drawing is not based on exact dimensions i feel. Make it look somewhat big and long-ish but in actual fact mmg senonet je kitchen kiter. Takpelah, makcik2 kepo kalau dtg tkyah sibuk dkt dapur. Hahaha. :p

    1. but look on the bright side, at least cleaning up wont take so much time πŸ™‚ InsyaAllah and thank u for the well wishes. jerit la “HELLO!” ke klau lalu my block HAHAHAHAHA!!

  1. Hi just wanna ask if solemnize already when you get the keys? If not can kindly advise what you did as I might be getting my keys soon to but my nikah date is in December 2014. So I’m quite worried. Thanks in advance dear!

    1. Hello Zanah! We got our keys before our nikah date which will be in Oct this yr, insyaAllah. Dun worry about all that la. i was quite a worry wart but everything fell into place. i will email u? takot panjang lebar la pulak my comment nanti πŸ˜›

  2. heyyyy ni kat Tamp kan? near my workplace sey and my colleague’s new home. but she still haven’t get her keys till now. sedih cannot raya at new home after long waited.

    1. Yes, Tampines Greenleaf! Wahh switch workplace wimme leh, i klau boleh nak work near home LOL! senang ma.

      Anyways, some IDs or contractors can do up the hse at the least in 4weeks so In Shaa Allah ur fren dpt soonest so boleh reno then can open hse for raya skali! πŸ™‚

      1. Im working at pasir ris sec.heheh.nak switch?:p
        Yeayy we gonna be sekampung! (Later after I get married n stay at my hubs house at tamp ave 4) I can be excited for every newlyweds applying and receiving new house which they will call home.

        Nolah, tak sempat.she said only get by mid or end june coz she just submitted her HLE n cpf contribution etc.

        Am happy for you n upon receiving your new home!!! πŸ˜€

      2. Thank you for sharing my joy! πŸ˜€

        im forever at tanjong pagar, da naik bosan semenjak da become older ni kan hahahah! klau boleh nak keje dekat or even better, stay at home lagi best πŸ˜›

        Anyways, some reno coys are fast, i heard 3 weeks is the fastest la. if your gf n her hubby mcm semangat nak celebrate raya at their new hse, mesti buat keje mcm speedy gonzales kan? LOL! tell her to narrow down her choices and then ask for quotations so that can apply for reno loan cos that takes time and IF she want la.

      3. Waohhh kite sekampung!I’m gonna move in to my hubs house at Tampines ave 4. Wow that’s great!!but i don’t think she can make it coz she said she will only receive the keys in mid or end june and havent’ decide which contractor.

        On a diff note, am so happy for you and your place that you will be calling home. Since I’m moving in, I can only admire you guys having new home and reno and deco.hehehhe

      4. i just replied ur previous comment seh. tak prasan! -___- so sorry!

        lucky u are just moving in cos no headaches on which contractor to choose, wat colour u nak paint ur hse LOL! but a bit meh la cos dun have ur personal touch. u just have to make do for now. In Shaa Allah, in future, u will have ur turn. for now ape lagi, save save save la! πŸ˜›

  3. omg!i pon tak perasan u replied! *paisey* hehehe.
    my colleague kata like no hope gitu, i told her raya haji can celebrate at her new home mah.

    oh,it’s his house coz he just change ownership of the house since his dad passed on earlier last year. i can paint our room jelah.lain seme takut, takut MIL tak kasi :p hahaha

  4. Hello!! I chanced upon your blog… hello future neighbour!! I’m a bride-to-be too.. tgk you blog i rasa macam nak pengsan coz you are so prepared! I’m super slack.. sigh.. anyway hope all will go on smoothly for you! πŸ™‚

    1. Eh hello, my future neighbour! which block are you at?

      Please dun pengsan on me. I actually super slack, ada BTBs yang lagi on the ball seh. I too slack for my own good. now that the wedding is getting nearer, da start la nak panic2 all :S

      Whens ur wedding anyway? πŸ™‚

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