maybe i should have story-ed about my picture post eh? haiya, what to do, over the weekend my brain sleeping ma.

anyways, i have decided to just book my voiddeck and pasang khemah extension kat luar voiddeck because 1) Mr MP’s assistant never reply my email regarding the rental of the open space and 2) the tentage for the open space might cost both my arms and legs. so in order not to burst my already nak burst budget, voiddeck pun voiddeck la.

InsyaAllah, my family and guests will all be comfortable on that day 🙂


9 thoughts on “Score!

    1. LOL! shud have blogged about it instead of just posting a picture. maklumla weekend, brain trus blank 😛

      voiddeck! Mr MP nye assistant takleh harap, never reply me so i cannot gauge the price for booking the open space.

    1. Amin 🙂 Thank you.

      eh? u doin a voiddeck also? which area are u at? my date later than u but my TC open booking 6mths in advance. hopefully dpt cepat2 book to ease ur mind seh.

      1. I’m doing my sanding and jemputan at MPH, West Area. That time my tunang dah check, they say 3 months before. I think they kinda fed up with him cuz he calls them every month. Hehehehe…

      2. Hahahahaha!! Ur fiancé betul nye tekan. But cant blame him oso ma rite. 3mths is very close to the wedding and by then we’ll be very busy. If dpt book siang, bagus jugak kan. One more thing off ur shoulders.

        My area pun used to be 3mths. U mite want to keep checking ur TC website or FB page for updates 🙂

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