Kursus Rumahtangga

One Step Closer

Marriage Guidance (crash) Course-ed ourselves early this very hot Saturday afternoon (weather torturous or wat) over at A.PKIM R.esources located at Arab Street. Before the course, my thoughts were “ok lets get this over and done with and score ourselves the ticket to marriage” hahaha! sorry la for this rather shallow thought but in my personal opinion, the marriage will work if the couple work together. if one work the other relax mestilah susah kan. So i went with an open mind and surprisingly, i enjoyed this 1 day session, tremendously. we opted for a 1 day session cos err we do not want to waste another full day to put it openly(?) and we malas nak interact2 with other couples truthfully speaking. i apologise again.

i was hoping we dun get a strict ustaz/ustazah and luckily we did not hee. takot ma if too strict nanti mcm rigid. One to One session with our Ustazah in the morning and the afternoon session was with an Ustaz plus 3 more couples. adoiii i tot no group session sekali ada jugak but all went well πŸ™‚ Alhamdulillah. I was pleasantly surprised to know that our Ustaz is a Muslim convert. from the way he conversed and guided us, i thought he was a born and bred Muslim son.


early birds cos takot lambat. dua2 muka baru bangun tido hahahah! and i decided to don a proper hijab (forced my mama to put on for me cos i belum mahir lagi LOL!) following the rules and reminder sms they sent us the day before.


OKAY! da boleh nikah! πŸ˜€


20 thoughts on “One Step Closer

    1. My fiance’s idea and i just followed him and luckily i agreed bcos even tho just 1 day da exhausted ape lagi 2 days kan? And thank u so much! πŸ™‚

    1. Aisey manis potong telinga tak? LOL! thank u, actually nak wear just a shawl but da dpt reminder sms to cover up properly so mite as well follow the rules πŸ™‚ masa in 5 mths T.T

      1. InsyaAllah in future then can permanent. I noe myself that i cannot now heh. Yalo 5more mths takot seh! Asal time jalan laju ni D:

    1. Hello.

      i just give a rough summary ok? πŸ™‚

      Morning Session-One to One with Ustaz/Ustazah
      Our session was with the Ustazah and we shared with her our family background as first cos she wanted to get to know us ma. and she asked what were our positive and negative points/behaviours abt each other that we like and dislike. from there, she will try to advise as much as she can. She also shared about including Islam in our rship and marriage. that one either your Ustazah or Ustaz will advise more in depth la.

      Afternoon Session-Group Session with Ustaz/Ustazah
      Ours was with an Ustaz plus 3 more couple. We intro ourselves and got down down to business. Same topics but more open, like money, love-making and bla bla bla. Knowledgable, informative, entertaining and fun, he really kept us all at ease expecially talking about the love-making part heh heh heh πŸ˜›

  1. Hi Miss wed dreams,

    Do you mind sharing the Ustaz and Ustazah’s names? And the one in Apkim, ada course on weekdays tak eg.monday?

    Thank you.


    1. Aiseyman call me Miss Wed Dreams plak hahahahaha! Hello Nadirah, Shahirah here πŸ™‚

      APKIM Schedule as follows:

      Monday – Thrusday & Saturday:
      9.30am – 12.30pm (personal session with ustaz/ustazah)
      2.00pm – 6.00pm (group session with counsellor)

      9.30am – 12.30pm (personal session with ustaz/ustazah)
      2.30pm – 6.00pm (group session with counsellor).

      And my ustaz and ustazah were Ustaz M. Rani and Ustazah Noraliza.

      Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Miss Shahirah :p

        Tak tahu spell your name initially… syahirah ke shaheera ke schahira (adik scha alyahya) ke hehehe. Thus panggil miss wed dreams hoho.

        Anyway thanks alot for the help. Thought of going yang two days course after reading rave reviews on it. But I am only free on weekdays. So far you pergi okay lah? Part one to one session paiseh tak? Hopefully takde moment krikk krikk kriikk. Heh.

      2. Actually up to u n fiance whether nak 2 days or 1. we opted for 1 day because my fiance dun want to waste another day to put it nicely.

        before start the session mmg la nervous terfikir-fikir whether ustazah will ask personal questions or not but dun have to be scared, just tell her wat u think is right cos she wont judge u ma, at most she will advise you. and takde krik krik moment cos all the way dia ckp LOL! and if got questions, just ask. our first session took longer than stipulated timing cos u noe la, when adults share, they tend to go senget2 sikit so makan my break time.

        second session also the same, the ustaz shared with us many stories but all part and parcel of marriage ma. both kept us at ease, not an awkward moment pun and takde group activities to take part THANK GOD LOL!

        by end of the day, da dpt cert pun πŸ˜€ we go to these courses to learn the basics only, and its up to the couple how they love their marriage lives. 1 or 2 days i dun think byk difference maybe they just stretch the topics je.

  2. Eh how come i missed this entry lah? Tak guna punya bloglovin’. Anywayyyy glad you enjoyed your kursus – but didnt you get “tested” on some things? 2 of my friends who went under apkim did seh. Wahhh manyak takut wor

    1. u menghilang ma, da jadi minah jb skrg LOL LOL!!!

      “tested” or ustaz/ustazah asked? my ustazah got ask la and i answered truthfully. and i dun remember kene “tested” pape pun. was very fun n knowledgeable and tak awkward or stressful.

      eeyer so kesian ur fren seh. unexpected 😐

    1. Helooo!!

      Ok I heard 2 stories from my two friends who went for their course under APKIM. One of the couples (groom) was asked to baca surah *i cant remember which one* but it’s not the dailies like those you baca during solat!

      Another couple (also groom) had to baca al-fatihah. Pheww senang kan? But wait. After da baca, ustaz mintak meaning of it. The full meaning. I dengar tros takut seh you.

      But then this could be isolated incidents, nobody knows..so if you kena, good luck πŸ™‚

      1. One of my friend went for hers and she said one of the groom were asked to baca surah al-fatihah jgk!

        Oooooo so nervous lei! But maybe its targeted more to the groom since they are suppose to bimbing their future wifes eh.

        Hopefully i wont get a strict and awkward ustaz! And thank you so much for the heads up :))

      2. Maybe its by luck(?) Cos for me n fiance, we tak kene test pape pun, boleh ketawa2 ngn the ustaz/ustazah lagi. Just attend with an open mind, dun be nervous whatsoever and dun think too much. Jgn la suruh ur fiance read up the meanings pulak kan hahahah!

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