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M.umbai I.mage by N.ora S.ahari

Fell in love with this piece from my MUA’s side project, M.umbai I.mage by N.ora S.ahari, even though pastel is not the colour i have in mind for my bajus but it is so lawa and so so bling-y!



Nice right?

and her makeup skills are so on point and very flawless that i am very happy i chose to book her again to doll me up for my upcoming big day.


especially love her eyebrow-filling-in technique which i find very immaculate, not too thick and not too thin, just right for her brides’ face. i hope she can save my non-existent eyebrows LOL! not that i shave them botak or wat la, just that they are very light. i just thread to shape them and i dun bother filling them in. but i LOVE thick2 eyebrows ala Demi Lovato 🙂


Kak N.ora and her future DIL, so pretty! 😀

yes, she dolled her FDIL for her engagement last weekend. other mothers would be so sibuk2 dalam kitchen or layan tetamu sampai berpeluh and selekeh during this day but Kak N.ora was busy transforming her FDIL 🙂

I hope RW allow me to borrow this piece or other pieces from M.umbai I.mage but confirm kene add on. and there were past brides who borrowed pieces from yet another ex RW MUA and her bridal, I.shq by N.ora maybe i can borrow from Kak N.ora as well yay! my bridal package allows me to choose 3 bajus from the normal range and add on if i want to choose from their exclusive range, so i must choose wisely. Kalau boleh nak choose 12 pasang seh, like during my mama’s time dulu 😛


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