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i had to sacrifice an hour of my beauty sleep just to do it. yeah lo, i sleep quite early these days, can knock out as early 8pm if da tired or sleepy or kenyang or all at once LOL!

before THE day came, i approached one of the BTB who shared the same wedding month as me but exactly 2 weeks before; our Ms Eleventh October :); on how she went about registering hers.

2014-06-05 07.34.19

to ask is better than acting smart rite? at least we know wat to expect and prepare.

i had Yan to do it cos he’s forever in front of his lappy and he hasnt do much with regards to the planning and bookings for the wedding so he kena forced to do la. fair ma rite?

anyways, we communicated via Whatsapp; for e.g he filled up one page and took a snapshot of it, sent it to me and had me check after him before he proceed. the Kadi we chose is none other than the goodlooking Ustaz Syakir bin Pasuni. Ustaz Syakir officiated my guy cousin and Yan’s brother’s wedding back then, i think 2 years ago(?) so we both know what to expect when it is our turn later in October.


actually, both of us tak crewet la on who we want as our Kadi, just as long as the Ustaz keep it simple, short and sweet, can and we ok already.

7 thoughts on “150

  1. Yay yay da de kadi! Haiz i got so many typos also you publish pat sini. Semua orang akan tau my thumbs are fat lor hahahahah. And did you use IE? :p

    1. nasib tak payah bayar 15dollah hahahahahah!!

      ya i paksa Yan use IE, he oso Mac-head but i dunno wthr he really got use IE or not la hahahahaha! npk screenshots mcm Chrome aje.

  2. Ustaz Syakir is good! Short and sweet. And sedap dipandang mata. Lol! All my guests commented how good looking he was. Hahaha. Makcik2 went ‘sejuk mata tgk kadi nih.’ :p most imptly, he makes both of u calm! So thats a plus point definitely. 150 days will pass in a breezeeeee. 😉

    1. when he officiated my cousin’s marriage back then, i told my brother, “ni bukan tok kadi seh, ni ABG kadi” LOL!! 😛 my aunts pun agree dia handsomeee hahahahah!

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