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Should I?

I feel like forfeiting some of the deposits that I’ve made. I mean I could use and make do without these vendors la actually. They are just secondary anyway.

But then again, this is money we are talking about. Sighs.


12 thoughts on “Should I?

  1. Try weighing both ends. Lets say you’ve only deposit 30%, Forfeiting would be ok if you’re short on money. Of course it’s still your hard earned money, but, consider which will save you from problems in the long run. Tough choice but I hope you’ll make the right choice. Good luck!! 🙂

      1. Haha.. same with me.. so many things look so nice!!! But, I had to recalculate many times before I started booking and give down-payment. >_< Something to learn from about expenses when you start your own family… starting from renovating and decorating your own house! ;D

      2. LOL! girls and nice things are dangerous eh? tak boleh tgk benda2 lawa.

        yala, its a good practice for us now in budgeting for weddings, later on for the hse and family.

    1. kannn, dulu klau boleh smua nak. now da nearing to the date, smua tanak hahahahaha!! gut feeling said #gojer but tgk la nanti, need to work on the wedding fund la.

  2. I feel you babe. I’m currently having that thought too. I’ve deposited 30% of the full amount and I think I wanna try to call n negotiate some clauses/agreements and hopefully we can sort this out :/

      1. Same here!after talking to my fiance and mom, they say just forfeit it and do diy instead, which we can craft it to our own style/wants and cheaper too. huhu. sayang sey deposit melayang 😦

        i guess, if you have enough time and resources to do it now since your count down is getting nearer, kene fikir whether you have time to do it, and will it not tire you.

      2. for me, its more a want than a need. dulu smua nak, nak ni nak tu. now nearing to the day, calculate balik klau boleh smua tanak hahahahaha! so fickleminded seh. i am still thinking whether to forfeit or not. such a headache-y situasi 😐

  3. if you rasa benda tu tak perlu..and dari pada bayar full then forfeit.

    My wedding i n husband forfeit 500 dollars in total pelamin deco sebab i tak jadi buat kat void deck.

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