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It Is Time!

Time for what?!

Time to get busy la.

2014-06-20 03.50.51

See la! Back to back seh.


Emails/whatsapp/smses are coming in fast and furious, appointments are set even faster and furious-er just so we can get the best slots and timings. Appointment with my caterer had to be postponed to a later date (usually caterer and decor people will meet with clients on same day but what to do) cos she is one busy woman daa. Must set appointment with her at least 2 weeks seh. Now that she is fully booked, the next available slot is slightly after Hari Raya.

Adoiii, talking about hari raya pulak, dah lah busy, mana nak visiting, mana nak hantar invitation cards. With that said, the moment I received the 1st draft from Dyan, I realised, the date is drawing nearer and nearer and there’s no way I can slow it down. From 3 years (masih boleh relac), 2 years (still ok2, breathable), 1 yr (macam nak muntah) and now, down to the last 4 months (da muntah pun :S). Nak melalak please.

I feel like I have so much to do but I have devoted most of my attention to our house. My fiance jangan cakap la, house house house. Makan tidur berak house. LOL! I know I know, my fault BUT house what. Sape tak excited seh, lagi lifetime asset. The wedding is just one day.

Let’s deal with this one day thingamajig and 25 October 2014, 6pm…PLEASE COME FASTER!Β Dulu bila start planning, excited tak tentu arah, blushing bride-to-be konon. Sekarang kalau boleh, nak get this over and done with. LOL! Anyone of you girls feeling the same?


27 thoughts on “It Is Time!

      1. ya man!! yours one day je eh? two months plus! no feeling already! hahah! sabar menanti and breathing as fast a possible, hoping that the time flies to September asap. =.=

      2. yup, my mum finally listened to her friend instead of her own daughter who has been merayu-ing to her from the start to have a 1 day event -___-

        ya la, the last leg mesti da nak give up. ape nak jadi jadi la hahahaha! but of cos we want things to run smoothly la πŸ˜›

      3. haizzz! how i envy you! i have saturday and sunday to entertains guests lei… Sunday bride nak mc boleh?? hahahah!

        true true.. but i think u double tired lei.. lagi pasal rumah and now kahwin. if i were to be in your shoes, i wouldn’t wanna be bothered much about marriage stuffs lei. :p

      4. hopefully both days time will pass by fast that u wont even feel it eh? πŸ˜›

        ya, feel the tiredness already sampai i whined to my mum she boleh ckp “sape suruh amik hse keys siang2” alamak mother, not that i want wat hahahah! actually, we kinda focused more on our house seh, wedding rings until now haven settle, decor theme lum decide hahahah! da tolak blakang ponggg πŸ˜›

      5. may your doa come true babe! hehhe.. πŸ˜›

        haha! true.. depends on the contractor and HDB lei.. i hope mine lambat also so can save more and not even think about house loan. LOL! i thought i would get cheaper rings on GSS but sad laa that most of the shops aren’t taking part in GSS.. =.= babe….. faster do homework on decor.. they will ask a lot questions as to what design and items you wanna put lor. do now or more stress later. πŸ˜› but insya Allah everything will go smoothly like smoothie for you!

      6. i think i have limited time already lo cos meetup with decor ppl is this Thurs. macam nak tarik rambut but kene save for hairstyle nanti hahahahah!

        saw ur post on rings. shall ask u there la πŸ˜›

      7. Hahaha.. You are hilarious! Baju ade. Tapi baju. If not back up plan pakai wig aja. :p Chill babe chill. Plan as you can. Allah is always there to help you. Hehehe.

        Hee.. Okies!

  1. I’ve been wanting it to be over asap since 1 year back. I did all the planning and budgeting alone. Stress like crazy. With other issues around other than wed planning. Oh well~ hehe

    1. yaaaa, u’ve been silent for awhile seh. aiya dun worry, you are not alone. if planning a combined wedding, we girls will plan and budget alone nye. guys will relac cos they noe everything da settled by us >.>

      1. Yeah stress with work, family problems and wedding prep. About 1 month left before my wedding. Yeah but still… Full reliant on me.. Tired seh. But At least he promised not to complain at all if there’s something he doesn’t like, etc. one time he was surprised when he found out about my cake choice. I said.. You said I could choose anything and he kept quiet. :p

      2. wat to do, guys are guys ma. but u can look at it in a positive way. everything is your choice and everyone shud accept and not complain if not on par to their expectation.

        final hurdle to go and ure done! πŸ˜€

  2. Meee too! Really cannot wait for this to be over and relax during honeymoon.. It’s really and tiring and tedious and sakit hati process sometimes! But jiayou babe! (:

    1. ALL INTO ONE EH?! ;( da stress wedding, along came the house adding more stress adoiii! all i want now, is for the wedding to go smoothly and 25 Oct, 6pm to come asap LOL! concentrate on house sampai i forgot i have a wedding to go thru first πŸ˜›

      1. i THINK kan, the pricing now is inclusive of the Tiffany chairs. u can ask them la if u want normal chair with covers, how much will the quotation be.

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