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Week 25 & 26

Last week was a busy week for us so I will just summarize it la. I’m a (wo)man of few words you know.

220614 R.atu W.edding’s Bridal Shower 2014


We arrived quite early as J.alan B.atalong is not far from Tampines and were invited to enjoy some light refreshments prepared by the R.atus. 15 mins into the proposed timing, 2 BTBs have not arrived yet. Janji melayu sak. 3pm means 3pm la. Dun make other people wait for you and delay the talk. Be considerate.

Kak Y.atee stressed about the importance of having an itinerary of your event (which I have yet to prepare because I thought a one day event is straight-forward enough. Maybe I should put up a simple one eh?), Kak L.iana talked about taking care of ourselves and prepping ourselves (mind, body and soul) and Kak H.aniez shared her experiences when she was preparing herself for her big day. KH told us to invest in a comfy corset/slip-ons so that our body will be “tucked in” LOL! Need to hide my tepis (fats) seh and also shared a few places to buy comfy wedding shoes.

Sidenote: I noticed that there is a whole new line up in the R.atu Crew except for KY of course. No more familiar faces, all scraped. Hmmm. Found the new R.atus a bit makcik2 and loud. The old crew is better in my opinion, all were soft spoken and none talk like makcik2 quarters.

260614 Appointment with K.asai S.ayang

The guys pushed our appointment to 830pm so we had enough time to take a breather. Z.ahrin pointed out that my voiddeck is very small and I was shocked la cos I thought it was big enough -____- lucky for me, I have booked the open turf as well.


kecik meh?!

They refused to naik to my house even after my parents offered them so we stayed downstairs and continued our discussion. I was so caught up with choosing the colours for my decor that I forgot my sirih dara, hand bouquet and bunga rampai theme -___- I was so unprepared. By then, I was cranky cos it was a hot night. But we settled everything by 10pm and I was told to update them if there were any changes. Hopefully my decor turn out the way I envisioned it to be, Insha’Allah.

280614 Appointment with B.onito by B.ob

Bob rescheduled our appointment to 30mins later (mcm ade pattern eh?) but this time, we were the ones who were late. Hey, dun look at me, I’m always punctual. Yan is and will always be allergic to being punctual. Hated it that he had things to do before our appointment that’s why our travelling time got delayed. And Bob’s place was at Bukit Panjang, takde jauh lagi per brooo~ 😛 I went there prepared, the image of my gift trays already in my head from Tampines to BP.

Anyway, the moment I walked into his house, the smell of sambal just whacked me straight up in the face. To make matters even worse, I was nursing a flu and was very2 hungry by then. Bob asked what kind of theme I wanted, I blurted it out and he said the couple before me chose the same theme as well, so he terpaksa kluarkan the samples again hahahaha! We discussed the number of trays and items that we are exchanging, very straightforward and 15-30mins later, we were done! Very fast indeed. And Bob made us feel very comfortable hahahaha! such a clown sia, so many antics. And he reads my blog seh! HELLO! After discussion, we berbual kosong for 1 hour plus and then we have to get our ass out because we have other things to do, like settling our wedding rings.

Looking back at this entry, (wo)Man of few words abisss…


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