The W Ring

Finding the right wedding ring is the most tedious and stressful part of this whole wedding planning adventure and I am glad to announce that I have finally found THE ONE.
LOL! so dramatic for what!

back then when I was searching for a perfect engagement ring for my long “french fry” finger (BACK THEN EH BACK THEN), I was so fickle and confused because there were so many designs, patterns, CARATS to choose from. But luckily for us, our engagement was in September so we bought my ring during the GSS period and got it for more than half its price *beams* my then boyfriend beamed a bit more brighter than me hahaha!

Last Saturday was a repeat of what happened 3 years ago. We did keep a lookout for rings la during our date days and random meetups after work but we thought it was still too early to commit and I might change my mind when I see a prettier ring. Aiya, can’t blame us girls what. So that day was a do or die day for us. We consulted a few jewellery shops and they advised us to buy or place a deposit as most shops need at least 3 months to order and prepare our rings. We went back to the shop where we found the “perfect” ring to re-try on my finger. As usual, I was unsure so I kept asking the CS to pull out 2 to 3 more rings for me to try but after trying all, I went back to my first choice. Hahahah! Try only ma, for the fun of it. And as they say, you will always go back to your first choice.

While Yan looked and tried on a few rings, I kept the ring on my finger. Season kan dulu hahahaha! Unique design but very simple, for a simple (yet fickle) girl like me 🙂 Finally Yan gave up looking for the right ring size and thickness for his thick finger and told me to pay for mine first. So I did and entered the shop’s lucky draw which I won … wait for it … a bottle of wine!


The CS was shocked as the bottle of wine is one out of 2 exceptional prize, the rest are shopping vouchers. So kira I very lucky la to have won the prize but no use for me @#$%^!

One wedding ring down, another one to go. We can do this!



8 thoughts on “The W Ring

      1. It’s of value to them but no value to you.. wouldn’t it be to their benefit if you gave back the wine, and in exchange they gave you a voucher (of less absolute value then the wine)? They keep the ‘bigger’ prize while giving you the ‘smaller’ one. Win-win both ways, you get some value (rather than none at all) while they get some too! Haiya but sometimes sales people follow ‘by the book’ too much.. don’t go the extra mile / not creative enough to bend the rules a bit to please customers.. unless you talk or write in to the management?

      2. its ok la, i have decided to gift the wine to my non-muslim fren who recently just got married and of cos she wont say no to free wine hahahah! and to make up for me not attending her event 🙂

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