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Rain(bow) Over Me

As my never-ending wedding plans continue on (haiz… mcm tak abis2 seh), I realised something. I have not stuck to my initial plan of having a rainbow wedding LOL! It has taken a different direction and I doubt you will see a morsel of rainbow in my wedding later on. Dunno why leh, maybe along the way, I see other colours and themes and my mind changed. I guess this is normal(?) Or maybe I want to input every theme you see in weddings into my one wedding. Maybe, just maybe. Cos I don’t want to be stuck to one theme. *cues O-Town’s song” Cos I want it all or nothing at all~ Nah, maybe I want to have every element I can in this one day event. It IS a once in a lifetime event after all.

It might be messy, it might not.

Let’s hope for the latter shall we?


8 thoughts on “Rain(bow) Over Me

  1. I love the idea of having rainbow bridesmaids & groomsmen! Shared w my fiancé and we might just turn that into reality hehehe. Thank u for sharing! 😀

      1. Hehehe insya Allah! Because rainbow wedding my mum tak agree cause it looks like a birthday party. To her ah! 😀

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