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Honeymoon Planning-Stage 1

Realised I have not blogged about our honeymoon plans process eh? So I shall story2 in stages la. LOL! Nak plan honeymoon pun susah. And you will know why as you read along.

Being the only daughter out of 4 children. my parents were and are still very strict with me. In other words, I have not been out of Singapore except to good ol’ Malaysia, with KL being the furthest and of course, I have only travelled (if you call that travelling) with my family ONLY. Sad kan? One would think I am being shackled at home by my own parents but actually, they are just concerned. And yes, my mum keeps all our passports but that does not stop my 3 brothers from cajoling her into giving them their passports. I tried as I might but to no avail. Between my brothers, they have gone to the US, Australia, Vietnam, Korea, Paris to name a few and I’m just stuck on this little red dot.

So after the whole wedding thingamajig, you have to have a honeymoon trip with your new husband right? So this makes my upcoming honeymoon my first flight (yes first real flight. my flight to KL was not counted because it was a very short flight) out of Singapore on my own! Well with my husband actually but technically on my own because I will be going out of SG without my parents in tow. So exciting yet so scary at the same time. News about missing aircrafts and accidents are not helping either.

On a happier note, we have decided on the ever so popular honeymoon destination for newly weds which is Bali (will share which villa we picked soon!), which is our second choice actually hahahaha! Oh well, as long as I can get out of this dot, I’m happy and thankful enough. And we have all the time in the world to let off my geramness in the near future right, that’s if we plan our future properly 😉

Ok, let’s backtrack a bit. It has been 6 months into my new job but I’m still a bit takot2 to tell my boss about my wedding and honeymoon plans. Because I am a newbie and I do not want her to have “eh eh baru start keje nak amik long leave” thoughts and my boss isn’t exactly the approachable kind. And I think I whined to my senior long enough that she took matters into her own hands and told our boss that I need to speak to her about this o_O My senior actually told me to send our boss an email following our firm’s practice but I find it more polite to inform her face to face, because I will be taking long leave, not a short one. So I plucked up the courage and spoke to my boss about it. “ooh! congratulations! who is the lucky man?” was her response. All that aside, she approved by replying to my email which I sent after our (terrifying) little conversation. My ketiak was all wet k -___-

New Picture

That being done, I straight away applied for marriage and annual leaves via the firm’s E-Leave system. Wasted no time seh, da dapat green light ma.

Will end abruptly here cos tgh no ilham la heh so to be continued la eh…


9 thoughts on “Honeymoon Planning-Stage 1

  1. Hey…I was like you before kawin…I cnt go anywhere over the red dot boundaries without my parents…and yes my bros dah merayap jauh like yours…I was much jealous but also have to understand the mum concern…so duduk Singapore tunggu dapat suami haha….kalo tak kawin duduk Singapore je la nampak nye haha

    1. tu ah, nasib ade org nak kahwin ngn me in the end klau tak sampai tua passport chop mesia nye aje hahahahah! i da bilang my fiance that i nak lepaskan geram travel2 but tgk budget jugak la kan.

      1. Same…mine more to jb je…my previous passport pakai 5 page je semua jb…sedih beli passport mahal2 then g jb je haha…I guess thats how all girls yg kena “kurung” feels…lepaskn geram…so many places to see but money no enough haha…perlahan2 in sya allah…

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