Honeymoon Planning-Stage 2

And so, this is the continuation of my abruptly-ended entry about the whole honeymoon planning/booking process.

After getting the green light from my difficult boss, I told Yan to proceed with the neccesary bookings. I let him handle this portion because … err … I … ahh … dunno how to book flights and hotels la ok! Like I blogged previously, I only have gone in and out of Mesia and that did not require any advance bookings.

As mentioned before, Bali is not our first choice destination. It was actually Lombok, which was recommended by a longtime online friend 🙂


Source: Qunci Villas

ahh so purrrdy right? so peaceful and serene.

I have set my mind and heart on this island after thorough researching and googling, Yan too. But I did not know and understand why we kept dragging the process. Maybe we did not find any flight or hotel deals or promotions going on and also, counted as last minute already (normally people book all these 6 months to a year before ma right? correct me if I’m wrong). Until one night, Yan whatsapped me a deal he found online which was recommended by his good friend who recently had his honeymoon there and according to the friend, “aku macam tak nak balik”. So with an open mind, I googled the destination and hmm not bad.

Bali-11-june-3 Bali-11-june-5 Bali-11-june-Main

Source: Transera Hotels and Resorts


But actually kan, through out my research on Bali villas or resorts, “you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all” True right? What say you? But I’m not fussy la. Since his friend highly recommended this villa, we proceeded. I do not want to waste anymore time la. Da penat2 tanya boss sampai ketiak basah all LOL!

So that night, deal bought and flights booked. Imma happy camper.

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