Honeymoon Planning-Stage 3

Nak plan honeymoon pun troublesome. So many stages I kene go through. Ingat Super Mario ke? hahahaha!

So the morning after we booked our flights and accomodation, I caught my mum before she went of to work.

Me: Ma, I want my passport.

Notice her reaction?

Me: I nak book honeymoon la, so need passport details.

Terus she diam. Maybe in her mind “anak aku yang seorang perempuan ni da besar, da nak kahwin …” So in the end, she looked for our passports, still grumbling. hahahahah! mama, why you liddat one.

And with said, all neccesary bookings and emailings have been done.

2014-07-04 08.56.08

Now, I am waiting patiently for 29 October 2014. Why not 26 October you may ask? It is because; we want to clear outstanding items like returning stuff to our vendors, clean up my parents’ place (it is our event afterall, so must help to clean up the aftermath lo. Not nice for our parents to clean up after us) and settle stuff with H.DB before we fly off so that we don’t have to think about all that while holidaying ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “Honeymoon Planning-Stage 3

  1. Woahh! I like your countdown to honeymoon! Mcm tempted nak buat jugak. Hahaha. I, on the other hand, da book honeymoon dulu before asking for permission to take leave. 2 weeks plak tu. Hahah, carik nahas kan!

    1. Thank u!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ alaaa buat je laa, the widget is open to everyone ma ๐Ÿ™‚

      Wahh mau brani je. but for my case, i asked for permission first cos im still a newbie la, signature on contract belum kering so i think its more polite to ask first.

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