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Bob The Angel

Last Sunday had me and Yan dragging our asses to BP (AGAIN!!! very menyumpah you know from Tampines to BP but wedding nye pasal, gua ok) to meet the dulang extraordinaire himself 2 weeks after our initial meeting. Actually our meeting was scheduled the day before at 2pm but this anak dara woke up late. Si fiance pun tak tahu nak wakeup callkan -___-

QuickMemo+_2014-07-16-14-57-39KORG TENGOK PUKUL BERAPA AKU BANGUN!

I decided that it was a no go already because the journey to BP da makan 1 hr. Abeh before that nak mandi, nak draw eyeliner, nak fluffkan rambut lagi so I rescheduled to 2pm the next day. And I am pleased to say that THANK GOD I OVERSLEPT! Want to know why?



Dapat bawak balik bungkusan nasi! I showed Yan Bob’s message, “biar betul?!” LOL! And as you can see, we are late again. I am usually on time or early but my dear fiance is allergic to punctuality la, case chronic already.

At this doorstep, we were greeted by towers of Badak Berendam(!!!) “B LOOK BADAK BERENDAM!!! LOLZ!!! and his house smells soooo good, because when we entered, we saw trays and trays of cooked food adoiii.

Bob showed us his mock ups, 3 each for me and Yan and told us to take our time to choose.


Editted the picture to black and white so you all dunno our colour choices hahahaha! Ngada2 seh. I think my fellow OctoBrides (October eh not octopus hahahah!) Tasha and Ili (and other clients too) would know la the colours for these trays because they came earlier and later than me respectively 🙂 I chose very fast but Yan as usual, was very fickle. He is like the girl in the relationship, when comes to choosing things la. Like they said, “kalah perempuan”.

After we have made our choices, Bob told his mum to bungkuskan nasi(s) for us and us to help ourselves with the variety of kuih-muih. He said to choose aje, dun worry but Yan insisted to pay for his extra packet of rice and noodles (for his parents) and the kuih-muihs.

That night,


wahhh, rave reviews seh! And Bob, if you are reading this (i know u read BTB blogs lo! hahaha!) I meant to tell you (but haven get around to whatsapping you) that we enjoyed the foods tremendously and WHY YOU NO LIVE IN THE EAST SEH! boleh every Sunday drop by keee … …


and tak baik please bilang orang kita borong2, maloo aku (heh! mcm real!)

6 thoughts on “Bob The Angel

  1. kite tinggal bukit panjang.. but most of my vendors in the east pulak haha! totally understand your feeling kenek travel from one end to the other 😛

    and everything from bob so cantik! wish he still have them for 2015 though

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