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Twenty Eighth

Celebrated my 28th (ALREADY?!) birthday and the end of my single-hood (LOL!) over the weekend with my family. But the night before, on Friday, I was burning the midnight oil by baking Hari Raya goodies to fulfill the orders I received cheh cheh cheh.


1) Chocolate Chip Meringues
2) Chocolate Chip Cookies
3) Cornflakes Honey Joys

Alaaa simple2 je, nothing too complicated. But when I dah move into my own house, I would like to learn to make other kuih2 and cookies cos I will have the kitchen all to myself!


Not say what ah, but at least I have peace, takde orang keluar masuk kitchen and comment unnecessarily, “dik, kenape like dis?”, “kenape like dat?” to name a few.

Saturday evening, my aban celebrated his bonus by bringing us out for dinner cum iftar at Asian Market Cafe at Fairmont Singapore, in conjunction with my birthday also. And I bought a handbag from Charles & Keith to gift myself, sad! Actually, for Hari Raya la heh.




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