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Are You F*cking Kidding Me?!

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53 thoughts on “Are You F*cking Kidding Me?!

      1. I was corresponding with(prob her sis) about initially making full payment early but I found her to be very rude. Idk mayb the popularity got in the way. Makes people forget about the relationships with clients and about their clients. Its sad but same story for me with 2 of my vendors. The $$ and the fame got to them and they forgot clients r human too and lost the compassion n care for them. Gd thing u hav ur free henna..

      2. Ya the sis or partner damn rude. Da salah spell my nama abeh when i mintak new inv she said to make the change my self. How professional of them! And now this. I honestly think they are just kicking their business to the nearest longkang la. Wat nonsense.

  1. Ikr. I wanted to rebook with them bt decided tak payah sudah. Just blow deposit n went with hennabyameerah lol. Like if go studio is so inconvenient compared to our own home

      1. 🙂 she is so nice and her work is ♡ the power of btbs..if not I wouldnt hav known about her

      1. That’s why. They from all people should be aware that the night before or two night before, brides would wanna stay home. Kalau parents pantang type how? Duh lor. Forfeit sudah babe. But u can get another artist in time tak?

      2. actually, i do have free henna from my bridal package which i have forgotten about (or purposely lupakan cos nak engage SS nye pasal) 😛 but lucky me! i can utilise it now.

  2. I asked for a refund! I questioned abt the transportation fee in the package then suddenly at studio. Orang nak kene duduk rumah, ini dia suruh keluar. She said in other countries is like this already, but then this is Singapore, tiny Singapore.

      1. I da dapat my refund and dah engage new henna artist. Phew! Find this really ridiculous lah. Out of all vendors, henna yang jadi problem, nasib nothing major. Hopefully no problems from the rest! Lol.

      2. She called me late last nite and offered me i think the same as urs la. She explained bla bla bla but i was too sleepy to take all the info in. Just asked her if i dun want to proceed with them will they return my depo and she said yes. Thank god! 50dollah pun money k!

  3. Initially when I knew about this I thought I’ll be okay w it. But now that I terpikir kalau otw home the design rosak, then what? D:

    Haiyahhhh so sad cos syraskins was my one & only choice for henna. She was my polymate too and I wanted to support her! If y’all have another good bridal henna artists, can share? Hehe.

    1. Eh i nvr mention names u noe! Lolz!

      Anyway, hopefully we all hav an alternative vendor soon. To go back and forth for just henna is damn leceh and brainless for the owner to actually think that this is a good idea. Tsk.

      1. OMG.

        HAHHAAHHAAHA oh noooooo! Sorry tho, I’ve heard this going around already so I casually mentioned it. Uh oh…. You may delete my comment if needed! Hahaha. People really tak boleh ajak I rompak bank!

  4. I know right babe! Have yet to book a henna artist.. tapi upon knowing their policy.. i mcm 50/50.. siapa kuasa nak turun all the way to their studio.. Lagi.. how to go home with hands & feet full of henna..

    1. Nanti jln mcm Edward Scissorshand eh? LOL!

      I believe that there are many henna vendors with the same calibre if not more than the person in subject. U just have to research properly. Remember henna will not make or break our wedding and it shud be one of the least important things on our already very long list.

      1. Hahaha. Tu lah.. merepek betul the new policy.. so inconvenient for the brides.. anw you know of any other henna artist besides her & PesonaBelle?

      2. honestly, i dun research on henna vendors that much cos at that point of time, i was blinded by this vendor so i tak tgk yg lain pun. sorry cant be much of a help 😐

  5. haha oh man, your henna vendor could have managed this better 😦 like still offer to go to BTBs’ homes but offer an incentive for those who are ok with gg to their henna studio. oh wells! it’s true what you said, there are other up-and-coming henna artists out there and henna won’t make or break our wedding 🙂

    1. yeah… its just colours on your hands and feet hahaha, without these, the wedding can still go on ma 🙂

      maybe not entirely the owner’s fault la. due to poor management dats y become so messy.

    1. everywhere you go ade cap henna, cos if clumsy smua u langgar hahahahah!!!

      i will update when i receive some kind of a reply from them. dari fri email sampai skrg no replies. nonsense!

  6. OMG seriously? I read that already my blood boiling sey. No option to choose at all?! They should at least ‘test water’ (since it’s a new ‘policy’) with the new customers instead those yang da sign up lame with them. I can’t even… did you feedback to them at all?

  7. I’m having the same problem too. was shocked when i received their mail. asked whether i can have it at home instead of going to their studio. she called at night the next day and explained that previous btbs have been going to her house to get their henna done and cos she recently had a baby. she went on to explain that they will start by doing the feet first. by the time she finished doing 1 hand, the feet would have dried up… and so on.. I’m not really convinced though.. i can’t even imagine how things are going to be for me on tat day..

    1. She called me last night too but it was quite late and i was too sleepy to digest the info so i told her let me think abt it first la. But i ask her, what if i dun want to proceed with them, she said they will refund my depo, thats oni fair. Hell yeah it is! To think dat they will drop this bomb closer to my date. Tsk.

    1. If ure comfy with goin to studio and do ur henna then go ahead. Another alternative they offered is, another artist will go to u and do ur henna, not particularly the owner la. But all up to u 🙂 girlll u have long way to go la, dun panic over trivial things hehehe.

      1. Ermm. Actually i dun cos i dun research on henna dat much. And summore i have backup free henna provided by my bridal so im a happy goober already. Anyway, dun make decisions too hastily. If u like them, just stick with them. If u find it so leceh, then research summore. Dere are greater wedding things to worry abt and henna is not one of them. U can also try see2 other btb blogs, im sure they have their vendors listed too. Cheer up ok!

  8. WHAT IS THISSSSSSS! Baru log in balik wordpress nampak niii. Adoiii. Mcm mane almost all BTBS mintak refund seh. Including me. Henna kat kaki mcm mane sehhh. -.-

    1. hello! sorry this reply came a bit late, busy la paham ehh 😛

      anyway, the sister (i think?) called and explain their procedure which is to start with the feet then move up. so by the time nak balik, ur henna da dried up and da jatuh bla bla bla… but i aint thoroughly convinced la, cos as BTBs, we all have our own or our parents i may say have their own pantangs to follow ma. but to each her own la. 🙂

  9. Omg babe I just saw this! Does this apply to ALL BTBs? Wth! My mum is going to freak out if she knows I need to leave the house! I mean we’re not rly allowed to leave the house with all the chaos going on few days before the wedding and now this… Whalao. Does this mean I need to search for a new henna vendor 😦 Alamakk leceh ah this woman…
    And I agree with some of the comments! She was quite rude in replying to my emails. And didn’t even allow me to choose the date/time I prefer initially. I’m gonna regret choosing this vendor 😦

    1. ALL who booked her i guess?

      anyway, her sister (i think) gave an alternative, another henna person will go to ur hse and do it for u. doesnt necessarily be S u noe. i was like WHAAA! abeh kita smua depo thinking at S is gonna henna us but in actual fact we MUST state clearly and it will incurr more price if we wanted S. communication breakdown abis seh,

      before u do anything drastic, try to find an alternative first k, dun just drop.

      1. Ya I emailed and ask them to let me know if there are any changes or anything I need to know.
        I already have a backup simpler henna artist but just thought SS was initially my first and only choice seh.. Sigh so disappointing you know 😦 so did you ask for refund babe?

      2. EVERY btb will think dat SS will be her first and only choice but things happen beyond our control. lagi2 kita yg nearer to the date, amcm ckp -__-

        ya, i did ask for refund but it has been 6 days and i haven get any cent back. sigh..

      3. Wah this is so sad ah. Why they like that seh. I honestly thought she will be coming to my place to do my henna. I also nak refund lah like this 😦 hopefully you get your refund soon!

  10. OH MY GOODNESS. Astarghfirullahal’adzim. I was having a heavy suspicion when I saw the IG updates that the henna sessions were done in the Henna Studio that they recently opened. True to what I thought it would be. Gosh. Can’t believe it. They should have options for the brides eg. If we travel to bride’s place, $50 is non-refundable. If you travel to our henna studio, the $50 is refundable. Alaaa something along that line; you get what I mean. If there’s such a change, they should professionally let their brides know, instead of letting us know nearer to the appointment date. That’s it la… I shall wait for your update.

    Thanks for sharing on this!

    1. actually they will refund us la if we decided to have the henna done at their studio if not the rules stick. BUT if you still firm on having ur henna done at home, please emphasize that u want S to do the henna if not they will send anyone who is available.

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