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Let me tell you a story about my mission to hunt for wedding heels.

It was an EPIC failure because all the shops that I went to and knew of their collection of blinged heels do not carry my size. It was weird though, cos I do have normal, un-fancy heels.

My standard question to every shoe shops that ever existed will be;

“Excuse me, what is the biggest size for this?”

HAHAHAH! kesian seh.

Anyway, it all started on Friday when my mama and I dropped by Parkway Parade to checkout a shop I know that sells blinged heels but little did I know, the shop is actually the shop where Ili got her heels but she got hers at Changi City Point’s outlet. Up till that day, I didn’t take in the shop name, which is Darling by the way (LOL!) I entered the shop with zero expectations and did not ask for sizes cos I just know. Told the SP that I was just browsing. Went to Kiyo next door and did the same thing. Just browse, cos I know the answer already.

Then mama suggested City Plaza and I remembered yes! Some shops there carry blinged heels. We had dinner at Hawa first since both were famished and then proceeded with my mission afterwards. First I just browsed through their collections before blurting out the soalan bonus. After a while and not wanting to waste anymore time, I entered a shop and started pointing to some heels that caught my eyes and asked the aunty for the biggest size. Somehow they all stopped at 40 -___- but I tried on some pairs anyways in hopes of miraculously fitting just nicely into one but to no avail daa.


These are just a few lo!

Size 40 is ngam2 for my feet but the aunty insisted that “boleh boleh! cantik apa!” Eh aunty! Lu pakai ke gua?! Hate it when they forced when the person (ME) who was wearing it was obviously feeling very uncomfy. Aunty, you tell me la how to walk properly and what if the straps were to give way on that day itself?!

By the end of it, I was feeling so down cos I know I am not going to have a decent pair of heels for my wedding. I won’t settle for plain ones cos they are just too plain la to wear on a special occasion.

Moving on, this happened the Monday after at Kiyo @ Tampines One.

Me: what is the biggest size for all these? *pointing to the array of bling2 heels* (I figured it was easier to ask the biggest size for all instead of pulling 1 shoe by 1 shoe. Bila mau game kan?)
SP: 9. You can try la, what’s your size?
Me: oh okay la. Nevermind *sigh*
SP: (looking at my feet) why, what’s your size? Can just try ma.
Me: **
SP: wahhh! You so special!

Special ke hape, kaki giant ada lah.

With that said, Shoemakers should really update their sizing chart to cater to special ladies like me.


13 thoughts on “Throwback-08.08.14

  1. Samerlah dengan! My kaki size giant susah nak dapat shoe size. I vary from a 40 to 41 depending on the cutting of the shoe and its so sakit hati bila dah suka kasut and then takda size 😦

    1. Ya same here! All abt the cut. Hate it when i have to ask wats the biggest size. So malu pls! -_- anyway, brightside of it, u will not spend so much on shoes, save money lagi ade hahahaha! Padahal dlm hati tgh melalak eh LOL!

  2. Hi hi! I have giant feet too! Not sure if this helps, but you can try customizing wedding shoes at Leapin’ Lizards at International Plaza (Tanjong Pagar). Read in their reviews that they do wedding shoes too. Not sure how much it’ll be though cos I haven’t checked them out 🙂

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