Penat Beyond Words

so little time, so much to do, so many things to update. have been busy with work lately because my colleagues thought it was a good idea to tender together, 2 weeks apart from each other (I DUNNO WHETHER TO LAUGH OR CRY SIA!) and leave all the work to me and my senior. Leaving all the work to us is no biggie la. The problem is my senior. She insists on me doing EEEVVVEEERRRYYY single thing. Then she do what? adding on to that, i am only 8 months into this job, there is so much that i can handle alone ma.

the sudden stress and workload is no joke la, lagi2 nearing to my wedding date. so much so that i am even thinking of throwing my resignation letter. ya.that.bad.

yes, i agree the honeymoon period at work is officially over when these 2 tendered and I have to buck up. A normal working adult would only have 3 months honeymoon period but I 8 months leh. But not my fault k, the department was very free when i started and thruout these 8 months, only got busy recently when the 2 tendered. timing dorang baik dok, tak bagi chan seh.

/end rant.

saje je nak luahkan perasaan. If hari2 whine and complain to Yan, dia pun boleh naik bosan kan. anyway, like i said, so little time, so much to do, so many things to update. Lets see now;

  • 2nd meeting with caterer on 18 August
  • Heels bought on 27 August
  • ROMM interview on 29 August
  • Arab Street with mama, aunties and cousins & shopping for dulang items on 6 September
  • ITEmate engaged on 7 September
  • Collection of invitation cards on 7 September

Aaand i will update when time permits *HUGE-ASS SIGH*


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