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Throwback-18.08.14 2nd Meeting With Caterer

Fuhh cerita lama ni dok. Hopefully I can remember correctly.

Bulan puasa, I texted Cik S to schedule an appointment with her during one of the days cos i ASSumed that she will not be busy la since tengah puasa ma. But alas, she informed me no meetups to be scheduled in that month and the earliest available date is 18 August, which fell on a Monday, and Hari Raya celebrations were still ongoing. Since we dont usually do visitings on a weekday, I booked her for that day.

Come 18 August, kesian makcik, boleh lost hahahaha! member drove dunno how many rounds abeh park sejauh-jauh tidak. Padahal at my block ada carpark seh 😛 Anyhoos, we got down to business straightaway, she very on the ball one la. We settled our menu quickly, chose the dishes (AYAM MASAK MERAH TEE HEE!), kuih-muih, drinks and fruits. Our menu macam extensive seh, I am so lucky that Cik S quoted us the price from 3 years ago. heh! Returning client ma 😛

While in the middle of discussion, we told her that we attended my mum’s colleague’s son’s wedding the day before and the caterer was her company but we did not get to eat la (SAD SIA!) as the MPH was heavily conjested to which she suddenly got to story telling mode and went all motor mouth on my mum’s colleague’s majlis. I will not go into details cos both parties were blaming each other. At that moment, my parents, my fiance, my brother and my face went


She was talking too fast about this and that bla bla bla and that got my parents worried and me n fiance too, as well as brother. Well who wouldnt be right, here we were listening to the caterer’s horror story and god knows what my mum heard at her workplace.

In other words, we will just tawakkal and In Shaa Allah everything runs smoothly.

We then went downstairs so that we can show Cik S our venue and also share with her our ideas and plans. She made minor changes and we did not mind cos she is more experienced in this line. What we have in mind might not work so we have to give and take lo.

It was time for Cik S to leave as it was already past 10am. Before she go, I told her to give me second so that I can run upstairs and grab my money to pay her the deposit. Just imagine I have not deposit anything with her! She said “tak payah la, you can just transfer me” I said I already withdrew the money and will feel more secure after paying her the deposit. LOL! This is to secure ma, I don’t want to think negatively la but I cannot help it lo. Paid her and we bade farewell.

Till next time, Cik S.


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