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Throwback-27.08.14 Finally Bought

… My wedding heels la.

It has turned into a frustrating chore for me because almost every store I knew and went that sells pretty heels do not carry my size. I was on the verge of chopping my toes off lo, at least can fit into at least a 7 or an 8. Tsk.

My last resort was Payless since they carry “special” sizes and I can help myself rather than embarrassing myself by asking the salespersons.

While browsing quickly, I chanced upon a light gold open-toe pumps with glittery heels and they were in the special size range, tried them on and fitted nicely. I did not buy straightaway cos I thought I could find a nicer alternative so I left the place empty handed.

The next day however, I decided to just grab that pair since I did not want to waste anymore time but do know what? The gold pair da takda, nada, zilch. Mak oii! Baru 1 day seh. Just how many special sized girls are there seh. Frustration built up in me yet again. Then I saw a silvery pair, similar to the gold one and I just grabbed and paid for them. In my mind, I was thinking maybe can customise with some gold bits or what la kan. I was already tired and just want to strike this heels business from my list already.

So ya, heels (kinda) settled.


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