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Throwback-29.08.14 Kenny goes to ROMM

Why Kenny? HAHAHA, you will know soon…

No special reason why I chose this date but I know I want to go on a Friday cos long weekend ma, the next day no work.

Anyway, we were up and early and by the time we reached ROMM, there were other people who were earlier LOL! And what luck that I had to bump into an ex at of all places, there.

We quickly took a queue number and waited patiently. Our number was called up soon and I thought I had everything ready, our ICs and kursus certs but I did not take ayah’s IC with me. HAHA kantoi seh. Think mama nearly had a heart attacking seeing me exiting the registration room. I told her lupa ayah nye IC aje la hahaha!

After registration, we went back to the waiting room and wait for our turn again, this time, interview with the kadi.

Our number beeped and ayah made his way into the room. After less than 10mins, he came out and told us both to go into the room. I asked ayah sure meh both together, he said yes. Bagus juga eh, to quickly get it over and done with. We knocked and beri salam and for the love of God, I totally forgot the kadi’s name. He was a serious man though but no scary questions or tasks la. He just asked whether I am forced to marriage bla bla bla. All the mandatory questions basically.

He then instructed us to angkat sumpah with Yan going first and after that me and after all that we were done! Phew! Short and sweet, thank goodness.


Look like Kenny from Southpark right? LOL! Dont mind the muka baru bangun tido, it was still early k. And I donned a shawl because mama asked me to -___-


no pictures of us at the mini dais or the entrance but I stopped Ayah at the junction just so I could snap this. We then headed to LG at Alexandra to redeem our free microwave ovens.


After that, we had early lunches of Thaksin Beef Noodles and Nasi Ayam Sambal at Harbourfront ;9 We headed back to our home to put the ovens and my parents and I went home after and Yan did his Friday prayers. He met me back at my parent’s home and I had already changed into more casual clothing, we were going shopping for our dulang items!

First stop was Tanjong Katong Complex to order his songkok and buy a pair of capal for his nikah outfit. We decided on a black songkok as he can use it after wedding day, for Hari Raya etc etc. Yan tried on one songkok and I cant help it but laugh hahahah! Tak pernah2 member pakai songkok and bcos he is marrying me, he has to get and wear one 😛 yep, he doesn’t usually wear it on Hari Raya. Next Raya onwards, he has to wear LOL LOL! kepala besar la he, a bit funny but what to do. Must get him to wear. Pakcik took down Yan’s head measurements and will customise a songkok according to his size. Pakcik then left us cos he had some errands to do, he trusted us with his shop or he knew that we wont run away with his loot hahahaha! During that time, Yan tried on some capals and after many capals later, he finally settled for one pair. And you people think girls are the leceh species, guys too ok!

We also purchased 2 sejadahs, a green for me (OBVIOUSLY :P) and a blue one for him. Yan told me to get a telekung sekali but I told him I will go with mama la to settle that. We paid and left TKC happy campers. We then headed to Bugis to try ourmy luck with the heels. hahaha! I know I know but I really wanted to find a nice(r) pair. Not that Im unhappy with the payless one but that pair konon is the “Will-have-to-wear-during-wedding-day-if-die-die-cannot-find-nice-heels” So ya, I dunno why I still bothered cos there were really no size for those I asked for that day.

We ended the day by having LJS for early dinner and headed home after, very letih.


4 thoughts on “Throwback-29.08.14 Kenny goes to ROMM

  1. Hello! I don’t know of any other way to contact you but I see you’re at Faris’ wedding dinner. I thought I saw you in the afternoon too.. just wanted to say Hi! But segan come up to you. Hahaha…

      1. Hahaha now THAT would be a pelik question to ask… Tu lah, nak remain anonymous sangat lah konon.. haha.. Faris is my husband’s second cousin.. a bit far lah the relation but they grew up together with all the other boys.. how are you related to him? Btw I love your trademark curly hair!

      2. mane boleh remain anon kat www seh. once da letak pics, habis! LOL!

        eh u at least related to him in some way. but me, my brother and him are colleagues and since he kept on asking for my help, i forced him to invite me HEH!

        and thank u for loving my hair! 😀 kilat eh? HAHAHAHAHAH!

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