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Throwback-06.09.14 Arab Street Adventure

The initial plan was me dragging my cousin with me to Arab Street to get those blingy pieces to decorate my heels with. Told mama about the plan and she told her sister (my aunt) who then told my cousin’s mum (my aunt) and all of them decided to tag along -___- what meant to be an easy breezy lemon squeezy cousins day out turned out to be a huru hara day for us.

The meeting place and time was supposed to be 10am at Tampines MRT Guardian. 0930am, received a WA msg from cousin telling me she was only on the way to her in-law house to drop one of her daughter. Ok. Nak lock pintu rumah, my aunt together with my cousin’s other daughter came to our doorstep. I greeted her with an “Eh! Kata nak meet at interchange?” Mama was already at the busstop waiting for me (my hair refused to fluff that day thats why lambat sikiiit!) At the busstop, my uncle’s car honked at us. Turned out, it was my boy cousin with my aunt inside telling us to get in the car so that he can drop us at interchange. my this aunt doesnt like to take public but we were forcing her that day LOL! mission one failed because her son sent us ma. Then my cousin’s mum called her and guess wat la, she was still at home struggling with her daughter adoiii! So my boy cousin had to make a u-turn to pick them up and send them over to her in-laws. We live in the same neighbourhood FYI.

After the huru hara start, we finally reached Tampines Mrt. Planned nak meet 10am konon, at last 11am. janji melayu abisss. We took the train all the way to Bugis with my aunt who was complaining about everything public. People who dun shower la, who dun shave their pits la so on and so forth hahahaha! the rest of us da biasa ma, she was the only “pampered” one among us. First stop when we reached Arab Street was the bling shop that my cousin know of. I didnt get the name la. The store asst was a sexy muthafcker, breasts in our faces kind of woman sampai my mum commented that “tak malu ke dia pakai gitu abeh colleagues smua men” LOL! to each its own la mama. Halfway thru the browsing, we got bored and tired already cos we haven had breakfast so we told the akak we will be back.

Had mee rebus at Kampung Glam Cafe which i recommended and met with rave reviews. heh! trust my tummy ppl! after our meal, while waiting for our food to digest, we walked around browsing here and there and my aunt yg shopped. sape yg BTB ni skrg! she did not just shopped, she shopped like crazy. since she just berhijrah, she was stalking her shawls collection seh. We went back to the bling shop and quickly settled my choices. Honestly i was bored already la. Asalkan my cousin knows what shes gonna do to my heels, im ok #gojer malas la nak fikiran lagi.

Mama then called my brother to fetch us at Golden Landmark and while waiting, I got myself a telekung set for my dulang hantaran (one down, many more to go. i very slack la hurhurr) By then, all of us da penat already so we just chilled at the fountain area. My (pampered) aunt was the most tired la but upon hearing my brother was fetching, terus energy became full balik hahahahah! ada kereta je terus kuat nak merayap balik.

Dropped by Joo Chiat Complex cos mama told them about one baju shop and they all wanted to go -___- i was pressed for time cos i had a date planned with Yan already and kept looking at my watch. After they were all happy with their purchasesss (i ask again ah, who is the BTB now? LOL!), i told my brother to drop me off at Eunos Mrt and they all went home after that.

No pictures of our adventure but i snapped some selfies with my niece šŸ™‚

2014-09-06 13.52.29

sorry for the long-winded post y’all!


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