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Throwback-06.09.14 Hunting for Barang Hantaran

… But at last never buy anything -__- Actually we dont see the need to buy anything at this moment la. Just the important stuff like wedding bands, sejadahs, telekung all da settled. Now trying to find misc things to “tambahkan” dulang hahahah! kesian seh kita dua dunno what to gift each other.

Actually tot nak buy watches but fickle. then we tot of sneakers, also fickle. ok la, not fickle, no size for me T.T @#$%^&!!


niat di hati nak buy matching New Bs, as in matching brands la not colours. but to no avail. either one of us no size for those we liked. GIVE UP SAK!

we then drowned our sorrows into dinner at Sakura over at Far East (da berzaman seh tak step into the place lol lol!) and munchies at Krispy Kreme. HAHA depressed nampak! 😛



yes, he malas nak layan me.


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