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Throwback-07.09.14 Engagement & Card Collection

Not my engagement la, mine da basi, da 3 yrs pun.

It was one of my ITEmate’s semi big day and I was delighted to be invited cos we haven meet up for so long! since 2009 to be exact -__-!


Congrats Fae Boi! ❤ and I looked like a giant beside her T.T

Her real name is Faezah but she earned her nickname Boi cos her hair was always short (up till now! haha!)


and this is me and my boi! LOL!

On the same day, we collected our invitation cards from Dyan. technically, she and hubby sent the cards to us. Our meeting point, at a busstop hahahahah! (where the above picture was taken) we were supposed to meet Dyan at her home but she had gone out with her hubby and clever her brought our cards along. She asked me where were we and met us there. Dlm hati, teehee! yay2! takya go BP 😛 Thanks Dyan for delivering the cards to us, saved us the trip thank you so much la! 😀




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