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Throwback-Henna Update

Long story short, I got my deposit back and the person still got my name wrong up till now. Like seriously?!

Anyways, she explained the procedure IF you choose to do your henna at their studio, they will start with your feet first and by the time they are done with your hands, your feet henna will be dried up, so you can balik with no mess. Mess or not, I still find it very leceh to go to their studio to get my henna done. Service providers should come to the Bride and not the other way round (kerek eh?) lagi2 1 or 2 days before event. Tak masuk akal. Another thing that amazed me was, S wasn’t gonna be the one to henna me and I thought from the start when I booked her, I will get her. I was told that if you want S you should state your request in the email and be prepared to pay more if you really want S.


In the first place, they got state in their clauses or terms and conditions or not that I must state that if I want S I must specifically request and also must pay more for her services. Got or not ah? I don’t remember reading such things or maybe I was blinded by her designs at that point of time.

After the person da banyak songeh, I told her I would like to have my deposit back and she agreed but not immediately leh. I still need to remind her twice. Aaand she got my name wrong again.

QuickMemo+_2014-10-03-16-15-58 QuickMemo+_2014-10-03-16-16-12

I apologies, she saidΒ …

Looking up, long story short? Lolz.


25 thoughts on “Throwback-Henna Update

  1. YA I AGREED! We are the bride, we are going to be the “Queen of the day”. Lagi 1 or 2 hari nak kahwin, tak kan nak keluar rumah kan? Da buang tebiat? Unless la keluar rumah nak pergi dentist putihkan gigi tu lain la-.- So kerek lor!

  2. Hi babe,

    There was a hype between other henna artists on FB. They were discussing about her. How she is making BTBs like us go to her studio bcoz of her ‘pantang’. Now she’s changing all sorts of T&C just to cater to her. Lucky you took back ur deposit instead of spending hundreds on her.

    Btw, Congrats on the last lap of preparations before your wedding day!

    1. yeah lo. then the BTBs’ pantangs nvr take into consideration? tak masuk akal ah seriously. yeah, good that i got my depo back so i can stop stressing abt it.

      and thank you so much for the well wishes! trudge on these last few weeks for me D:

  3. Hi Shahirah,

    Glad you got back your deposit. Then you engage siapa ye for henna?

    Actually I did inquire with this henna company, before the new clause whatsover, but slots are full. Sedihlah dan hampa i masa tu. Hahaha. Tapi rupanya ada hikmah disebaliknya. Ceh. Hehehe.

    Happy counting down! πŸ™‚

  4. Hi! im new to this kawin2 blog. πŸ˜‰ but its fun as we can keep for memories. Actually i dont know where to start the convo but i just wanna say hi to u. Hehe! Shy girl! πŸ™‚

      1. Heloo dear! Haha! Ikr! Can go crazy! Im halfway there, crazy. But hopefully i wont turn to a Bridezilla. Haha! U are going to get married soon kan? How do u feel?

      2. go for a spa or a massage la dear before the big day. tenang kan fikiran which im planning to do. kan shiok! cant wait to read your future blogs and the preparation on the weeding. Rilex and honeymoon-ing. ehem ehem. hehehe!!!

  5. Babe, I managed to nego w her and she promised to send someone else to my place to do my henna. πŸ˜’ I’m just too lazy to source for someone else. AND I still HATE HATE the way they deal w their customers. So rude like that!!!!

    1. but not S rite? sad kan? all these while we thought we wud get S to do our henna but skali tak, kene bayar lebih lagi ade >.>

      yes the correspondence-r is very rude la, i do have to agree. even tho we nvr hear her talk, but the tone in her email damn one kind. thank god i dun have to deal with her anymore!

  6. Babe,where is this new clause stated?Cos I book her too & I didn’t know about this at all..No wonder I saw my friend went to her place before her studio was ready.Honestly what nonsense is this..Totally unaware that she won’t be doing the henna & must pay more semua.Nonsense lah SS.

    1. i did not know of this until i received an email from her assistant telling me that i need to go to their studio to get my henna done.

      and when i demanded for an explanation, she said this is their new policy and then i asked her wat if i stil choose to do it at home, she said she will send an artist but not S over to my hse. “eh? i tot when i book SS i automatically get S?” she said no, i need to request for her and pay extra for her service -_____-

      1. Whuuttt?! Guess I need to clarify if this is due to her pantang period or it’s gonna be like that all the way. It doesn’t make sense for a bride to leave the house 2 days before the solemnization.. Pantang dia pandai plak dia jaga, pantang pengantin ape hal. Grr!

      2. easy there tiger πŸ˜› maybe you can clarify la with her whether this is a temporary or permanent arrangement. klau permanent abis la clientele dorg. anws, for SS to come up with this arrangement, it is very silly of her la to put it nicely. like you said, pantang BTBs ape hal.

      3. Now I dah calm down sikit..Tkpelah date I masih jauh nanti nearer I shall ask.But thanks to you for the info..And congrats on your big day! πŸ™‚

  7. Hahahah! I can’t help but laugh at the name part. She got the spelling of my name wrong (and I’m quite anal with it). But takperla, Alhamdulillah, I received the refund from them too. πŸ™‚

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