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Don’t Apply For Fun Or When “Bf Gf” Only.

Yes, the idea of having a house to call your own is very adult and fun. But before you decide to give H.DB your precious $10, you and your other half should be thoroughly serious about it because there are …

The Dangers of Pulling Out of a HDB BTO Flat Purchase


5 thoughts on “Don’t Apply For Fun Or When “Bf Gf” Only.

      1. hahaha.. ya lor.. makes sense too! but i think it depends too. example like my friends’ situation, she applied thrice and failed as it was near her mom’s place. she got through the forth time but it was further up. We speculated that it might be cause of the additional home grant. ya know what i mean. bahh~

  1. Ya me and my fiance also applied for fun. Applied sekali dapat at Punggol, and suddenly come out BTO at Tampines. Heart so pain. Some of my friends commented that before optioning I can still let it go without getting any penalties but the chances of getting a Tampines BTO is definitely not as high even if there’s 2000 flats available.. I mean its Tampines! Potentially oversubscribed area. Sigh.

    1. yeap, think you shud hold on to ur Punggol one cos like you said, chances are not high since its at Tamp. i dpt at Tamp pun after 3rd try and under SBF scheme. but masing2 punya rezeki jugak la kan 🙂

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