This came later than I thought cos BTB very busy nowadays and currently uninspired but congratulations to my friends, Fariz and Nora on their union on the 20th of September! Sampai da pegi da balik honeymoon pun dorang hahahahah! but better late than never ma right?

I was invited to both sides uh! Abeh action eh? πŸ˜› Actually Fariz invited me cos I’m somewhat “related” to him, my brother is his colleague then Nora pun nak invite so I ikhlas lo, in other words, more makan for me! (DIET? WHAT DIET?)

Some pictures from their really beautiful wedding.


at Nora’s dinner reception.


with my fiance and my brother (he was one of the bestman)


1) the FOOOOOOD! happy goober seh me ;9
2) the doorgifts/favours
3) the table setting and centerpiece
4) the ceiling decor

If you are wondering where the dinner reception for Fariz’s side was held, it was held at Joyden Hall at Bugis+. Air-conditioned, spacious, high ceiling but of cos comes which an equally big price tag la kan.


And hello PengantinPelik and Hubby! πŸ˜›

Here’s wishing Fariz and Nora all the happiness towards your journey to Jannah. Congratulations to you both and may you carry the joy of this happy day close to your heart as you walkΒ the road of life together.


7 thoughts on “#weddingfnf

    1. their table settings are nice but overall a beeeeeeeet plain for a conventional malay wedding in my opinion. malay weddings selalu all out ma. this one if im not wrong their in house decor. they can do better with their drapes tho or mayb i think the ceiling too high la.

    1. yup, very beautiful, be it the girl or guy side. both sides went all out la i guess πŸ™‚

      if you all must noe, i belum sampai 1.7m, lagi 1 more cm je. sad but true LOL! but i like wearing high heels and luckily my fiance doesnt mind hehe! and to ans ur ques, yup he’s ard 1.75m. all of us siblings are tall, follow our dad. klau follow my mum smua cute2 πŸ˜›

  1. Ehhh sekali nampak, I only saw the big screen with the couple’s pre wedding photo.. and then read you saying Hello… then I did double take baru realise that we’re in the photo! Hahaha ada spy camera eh.. Hello back! You caught us at the right time.. after that my husband did his pre-performance disappearing act.

  2. Hi Shahirah! Just saw this post! πŸ™‚ thanks for your well wishes! And thanks for coming πŸ˜€ The decor was actually from The Wedding Chateau. Honestly, a bit disappointed with the pelamin, considering TWC’s price tag. But this is his side and it was his and his parents choices lah. Loved everything else about the decor though. Hehe.

    Anyway the couple u took pic of is actually… My bro in law’s brother and his wife! The world is too small!

    1. wahh veteran pengantin muncul out of nowhere LOL! thanks for dropping by and reading sampai ke belakang πŸ˜› I loved both sets of buffet table OF COURSE.

      yes, she was a BTB blogger too, pengantinpelik πŸ™‚

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