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Spa 1st Timer

had my first ever spa treatment on Sunday at A.ura R.oyalis located at Toa Payoh so it was something new and an eye opener for me. First up was body scrub or lulur. I was asked to strip and wear disposable underwear, they should really have different sizes for different-sized women sia cos I swear I heard a rrrip when I tried to force my Azalea Ass into it HAHAHAHA! but nasib tak koyak terus, and lie down on the treatment table. I was facing the ceiling but the makcik told me to face down cos she wanted to start with my back area first. I felt so paiseh sia cos I was nearly naked in front of an unknown lady and scared I might fall off the table while maneuvering. What a sight it will be eh hahahah!

So faced down, the makcik started on the back of my heels first. She scrubbed3 and massaged with all her might I was cringing the whole time. When comes to my toes pulak, I was ticklish and luckily for her I did not kick her in the face LOLZ. She worked her way up and inched down my undies and my eyes went O.O in the head hole SO EMBARRASSING DUDE! She continued scrubbing and then inched up some more and worked on my back and neck. aaahhh blisss~ Years of working and planning made my back an untangled mess of knots. I heard krak kruk krak kruk while she was at it. The neck part was the shiokess I somehow wished it was longer.

Then it was time for me to flip over. I told her i very malu and she replied “apa yang nak malu, sini semua perempuan” hahahaha!


She must have seen different shapes and sizes la like that 😛 Like my back, she started with my toes and worked upwards. When she started scrubbing my booby area, I was paiseh beyond words la but she worked professionally. After she was done, I looked at my body and saw flower petals all over. She explained that she mixed the lulur cream mixture with some rose petals.

After the body scrub, I was told to rinse off in a cool shower. Cool as in cool awesome not cool sejuk. Tak pernah nampak such showers before, dose with jets kind. I just rinsed off normally, dried myself and put on a new pair of disposable undies. Yeap, rrrip again. Makcik instructed with to sit in a steam bag. At first it was too hot for me but she said the setting was permanently like that and cannot be adjusted but she put another towel near the steam nozzle so that the heat permeates evenly, not directly at my left side. It was really hot I asked her how long must I be in that torture bag, she said 20 mins WTF not funny sia. But she was nice enough to decrease to 15mins and layan-ed me while I was in that bag, distraction she said but it was bearable after a few mins.

Time was up and I was very relieved. Makcik then told me to mandi air bunga which she had prepared for me in a huge bathtub. I put on leg in and it was muthafcking hot sial! Dengan pantas I took my leg out and she started to fill the tub with cold water and it was still hot -___- I gritted my teeth and #gojer. It was fcking hot still and I just tahan cos she said the water will decrease very fast and meant my tub session would be over. I thought ok lo, cos tub drainage system quite strong and water will flow down very fast but I was wrong la. After what is seemed like edges, the water hadnt flow down as much as I thought it would be. I was told in makcik’s words to “kau gosok bunga2 tu kat celah2 kelengkang and bawah tetek kau” HAHAHAHAHA!

After about 20mins of gosok2, I heard a knock on the door and makcik told me to shower off. I showered and struggled into the undies yet again (hopefully for the last time) and went back to lie face down on the treatment table. She then proceeded with the last round which is their signature urut. She warmed some lavender oil in the palm of her hands and instructed me to breathe in deeply for 5 times. As i was facing down through the head hole, I did not know what she was doing until i heard the table creaked and my left side area dipped a bit. It was then I realised she was climbing on top of me leh what.the.f! It was uncomfy at first la, ape tidak, got somebody riding your back! -__-!

Thereafter, the massage was bearable la. She further urut-ed out all the knots and tangles in my muscles, shoulders, neck and head and tup3, time was up. My reaction was “eh? dabis?” dizzily LOL! steam ma kena massage 😛 I was told to freshen up and another makcik would serve me. I drank the tea provided which i think was red date tea, nasib not ginger tea phuik! Paid and said my goodbyes.


I took up this package in case you ladies are wondering.


So after the session niat di hati nak jalan2 skejap but somehow my body was damn lethargic and I kept yawning. Was it the massage? I went to get some stuff at Tampines Mall and went home after. I dozed off and woke up at 9pm -___- my fiance asked, “you pegi spa ke gym?”



22 thoughts on “Spa 1st Timer

  1. Hahaha. Your post is so funny! I don’t like the idea of having to bogel in front of strangers too. Even thou sama sama pompuan.. still malu! Thats why i tk pernah go massage /spa! Hahaha.

    1. LOL THANKS!

      This is a bridal package ma so they have to scrub all over ur body konon nak kasi putih balik except that southern region 😛 I think if normal urut they wont see ur boobies la HAHAHAHAHA!

  2. sounds like a gd experience! shall KIV the place. I love that ngantuk feeling after a spa/massage… damn shioks. sorry to hear you din get a family discount! dulu when my aunt ran a resto we also macam sedih bila tak dapat enjoy perks 😦

    1. It was! An eye opener la especially the part when they really scrub ur entire body, nasib masih ade skin seh hahahaha!

      Nah, its ok actually. Not that i expected but then again im her one and only niece D: masih bitter ni!

  3. I was reading this just now when i was at work. Wanted to comment immediately how kekek ur experience then i need to attend something urgent and tell myself, “k malam ni aku comment how funny and cute she is.” and here i am. why u so cute?! hahaha! especially the part when she go down down there u were saying. kekek se. tergelak. haha.

    1. So cute! Comment boleh on hold ni 😛

      HAHAHAHAHAHA MALOOO SEH! even tho ade undies i was nearly naked and boobies rite in her face! Sape seh tak paiseh 😛 then scrub3 with all her might lagi adoiii…kelenkang, bawah tetek hahahahahah!!!

  4. Haha! Kelenkang n tetek eh she touch! Ya, when u mention paiseh then i recall back my experience. I tak paiseh maybe the number of times urut but im sure i will feel something towards that area. Hahahaha! Was scrolling down ur blog to comment then i saw ur big day is 10 days away. Woah! How does it feels bebeh?

  5. I hate to get naked infront of the masseuse eventho I dah pergi banyak kali. I went Batam twice, Jb once (thai massage katanya but feel like patah seme tulang2) and I in Phuket (tu shiok giler). I might gg batam again but paisey coz org urut I tu kecik molek abe urut I yang baby whale ni. Dia tanye dah kahwin ke belum, malu sey, badan mcm mak bdk. hahahah

    1. for me, its not hate. maybe i belum biase, like very awkward la. but the experience is good and the feeling very shiok because ur aching muscles kene kneaded abeh you will feel relaxed ma.

      err if u mak budak, abeh i? D:

    1. not massage, just scrub. massage is after u give birth 😛 its a fully body bridal scrub ma, how to scrub klau covered eh hahahahaha! main2 bawah towel ke? 😛

    1. then nearing to ur wedding you go la! or start now, sign up for a package or something. i went once aje itu pun last minute cos i thought ahh tak payah la ni spa2 smua sekali at last book jugak heh!

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