Introducing …


 … Mrs Ardian Wilasti.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Wedding, honeymoon, adapting ourselves to living on our own, all that took up a lot of my/our time and energy.

I will be back. Soon, I promise. So please bear with me 🙂


2 thoughts on “Introducing …

  1. Congrats on ur marriage! Biar banyak2 anak nanti insyaAllah!

    Sorry lambat reply, da cuti skola, abis Hari tu nk reply balik emel but kerja da nak habis so aku cepat2 shut down comp haha!

    And yah i got pregnant 1-2 weeks aftr my wedding, hopefully kau pun cepat2 hahaha!!! So funny i will give birth b4 my 1 year wedding anniversay !

    1. Sorry lambat reply. totally forgot about ur comment LOL!

      laju per kau 1-2 weeks eh! I belum fulfill myweddreams pun if u noe wat i mean 😛 Takot and very nervous ah. let me enjoy being married first then can become a mother later.

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