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A Little “Thank You” Note

Nearly 3 weeks into being married to my FB friend (HAHAHA) and how is married life? Same aje, just that you wake up to someone beside you lo. Sorry about being unemotional as a woman but that’s just how it is to me.

We have moved in into our unit, only that not officially yet cos I am still in the midst of shifting my stuff over. I thought ive already cleaned up my room at my parents’ place but my brother who took over my room said that i still have some stuff leftover so pelan pelan kayuh la ok.

Before I go into “review my vendors” mode, ok scratch that. I dont think I will do any review cos I suck at that. Maybe I will just do “Throwback” posts about my vendors and how was the whole wedding process with them la.

Where was I?

Oh, before i go into the “Throwback” posts, I will do a Thank You post to those who were involved in our wedding. So here it goes;

I would like to thank:

-My parents for their undying love and support for me and for accepting Yan as their only son-in-law;
-My floor managers, my 3 brothers for their endless help and manpower (geddit? Man-power? LOLZ) throughout the whole event, running here and there ensuring everything goes on smoothly;
-My aunts, uncles and cousins from both maternal and paternal sides for their helping hands from start to end of event;
-and my second, third, fourth and so on (my family tree doesnt seem to end la HAHAHAHA) relatives for their helping hands too.

And not forgetting, to all my vendors:

Catering – Doulath Catering Services
Decor, Bunga Rampai, Sirih Dara and Hand Bouquet – Kasai Sayang
Andaman, Henna and Hand Bouquet – Ratu Weddings
Photography – Bliss PhotoCinema
Videography – XXX
Photobooth/Guestbook – Wishing Wand
DJ/Entertainment – Xcluesif Productions
Dessert – Choo Choo Churros
Gubahan for Hantaran – BONITO by Bob
Sirih Junjung and Bunga Pahar – Gubahan Klasique
Kompang – AKRAB Kompang Services
Invitation Cards – The Card Maison
Wedding Cake – Cake Love Couture
Wedding Favours – Telur Asin from Swee Leong Eggs Distributors
Decorative Boxes – Berkat Inc.

Yan and I would like to thank everyone who were hugely involved from the start and making our wedding beautiful and memorable. Thank you too to all who attended and shared this special day with us. It was a huge success albeit the minor hiccup in the afternoon heh!



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