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Throwback: Card Commotion

What is wedding planning without any dramas right? Ours came in a form of our wedding invitations only (I think?). Not between us and our vendor, thank god. But between my mama and me/the card.

Since we were planning for a combined event, we wanted to incorporate 2 families into 1 card. Easier what right? All information on 1 card. So i emailed my invitations vendor who is none other than Dyan from Card Maison the details and she got back to me with the first draft which after i have checked, i forwarded the image to my mama via whatsapp.

Now…drama time…

Mama: kenapa yan’s parents nama first? it should be kita what since the majlis is at our place?
Me: -___- I thought nama lelaki dulu?
Mama: Mane boleh! kan we are hosting the majlis so ayah and mama names should be first!

If that wasnt dramatic enough for you, i dunno what is. LOL.

so I emailed D to switch the details around and when she got back to me with the next draft, I sent to mama for her review.

Mama: I think kan, we should make separate cards so kita ada sendiri punya cards, yan parents ada theirs.
Me: -___- Bukan nak bilang siang2. mama ni!
Mama: this one mama think only.
Me: i also think good idea la wait his side noe u and ayah numbers also not nice ma.

Note that I did not forward any images to my ayah yet. Lemme handle one drama-mama at a time pls HAHAHA. So i did the needful and forwarded the next draft to mama.

Mama: aah kan like this baru betul!
Me: abeh tadi bedek? ape je mama.
Mama: da show ayah?
Me: show you first ma, after that will show him.

When i showed my ayah, he just told me to update some of the wordings, to add in the Islamic date and to enlarge the map. Easy peasy lemon squeezy from him. Nasib nasib LOL!

So after I sent an email to D to confirm our cards design and to send them for printing, my mama dropped another bomb on me la.

Mama: Where’s your cards? Da send for printing? Tak show bibik (my aunt, her younger sister) to hear her comments on the wordings?
Me: sent for printing already so cannot change any details.
Mama: apasal tak update mama? benda2 gini smua diamkan aje, tanak discuss dgn mama *continues grumbling*
Me: da confirm nak change ape lagi seh. da confirm means da confirm la.
Mama: we tak add the “Turut mengundang…” line kan?
Me: nope, no space already.
Mama: *walked away grumbling summore*

you all tell me la, just how many eyes do we need to QC the cards walaoeh! Parents looked through and confirmed not enough meh? Must drag in another pair of eyes? It will lead to more confusion and disagreement which might lead to delay in printing what rite?

I do not want to imagine if there is a delay cos all the blame will be on me hergh!

Speaking of printing,

Backstory abit: I remembered asking her nak distribute the cards during the Hari Raya period and she said no cos the celebration was 2 months earlier and she was afraid people might forget so ok la, i waited for the next printing session. I no hal la actually asalkan the invitees got the cards in time.

after Hari Raya, she asked me:

Mama: Dik, where’s the cards? da bulan berapa ni!
Me: tgh printing la mama. bila Hari Raya cakap too early abeh now rushing2.

after all the drama (i know got summore but i lupa already) on the cards alone, this was our invitation cards finally 🙂

Wedding Card (Front)

The front

Wedding Card (Back)

The back.

These were just samples for my side. For Yan’s side, our names were inverted and parents’ names and details changed, the colours and designs remained the same.


13 thoughts on “Throwback: Card Commotion

  1. Haha.. the parents want what they want when it’s supposed to be our wedding. Relax… In Sya Allah.. everyone will receive the cards and things will go fine. 🙂 The “turbulences” before a wedding happens to a lot of people.

  2. Hahah… I totally feel u seh… Turut mengundang became a prob… Then the need to check with my uncles all add on to the other prob… Kesian Dyan have to attend my everchanging changes. … Nasib its overrrrrr

    1. LOL! i told my mum no space already la. nanti font become smaller and smaller da become another problem pulak seh.

      i went back to my email and saw that between me and D, we have 66 email correspondences hahahaha!

    1. LOL! klau my invitees are all young2 takpe la, vision masih bagus, but all da pengantin2 veteran klau tak boleh baca wats on the card da become another hal. our correspondences boleh berjela-jela seh hahahaha! 😛

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