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Throwback: Final Fitting

After our first fitting, we were scheduled for our final fitting on 20 October 2014, 6pm. I nego-ed with R.W Manager to let us come by at after office hours and she approved (my leave only started on Deepavali cos I had only that much left of a leave and furthermore I thought 3 days of leave before the big day was sufficient)

Anyway, back to the final fitting story. KN (K.ak N.ora) was waiting for us (me, Yan, Mama, Aunt, Ayah and Uncle. ramai betul eh LOL!) when we arrived and we straightaway got down to business. “finally eh Shahirah, after 3 years, the day is nearing very2 soon” I got soo nervous when she said that. Yes, I waited for 3 years just to be her canvas. I engaged her to do my makeup back in 2011 for my engagement and love it soo much that I booked her to do my face for my big day.


Sidenote: to think that I had wanted the owner as my MUA seh dulu. Looking back at the recent uploads on their FB page, i am so glad that i engaged KN and stuck with her even though in between something happened that might just make or break the wedding but Alhamdulillah, everything went well.

We discussed itinerary first. Since ours is a full day 10am to 5pm event, KN explained that she would have to be at my house and start to colour my face at 730am. Mak oii!


small sample of our itinerary, not very detailed (or nice or colourful) as you can see and I did not bother to prettify it.

KN then said to try out the outfits that we chose. Me, armed with a nude bodyshaper and underwear underneath my tee and jeans, went straight into their “fitting room” while Yan had to try his in the toilet 😛 😛

Tip #1: Come prepared with your bodyshapers/corsets/underwear underneath your normal clothes so that you will not waste any time. Also remember to bring your heels/shoes along plus any other accessories.

Nikah Outfits

Me: fitted nicely but singkat. Put on heels, even more singkat. Macam nak nangis ok. (“tu lah tinggi sgt buat ape. da tinggi abeh nak pakai kasut tinggi lagi” fuhhh my mama’s words suddenly rang into my ears la hahahah!)
Yan: Baju ok but seluar abit too tight and felt uncomfy while seated.

Tip #2: Move around ie walk, sit but dun run la cos who runs on their wedding day rite? to see if the outfits fit you nicely and most importantly, you feel comfortable.

Verdict for Nikah outfit: No go, too singkat for me and too tight for him.

I will touch on the nikah outfit again later and now lets move on to our sanding outfits.

Sanding Outfits

Me: Juuust nice and a bit tight around the chest and waist area. Length wise more than ok teehee! i tried to nego with them to unpick the baju but they said this baju is nice when fitting. adoiii tak bernafas aku la.
Yan: a bit baggy. So they put in summore needles and informed us that they will alter it again.

Last/Dinner/Modern Outfit

Me and Yan: no problems at all, fitted us just nicely. No need for more alterations 😀

Ok back to the nikah outfit. While he was “modelling” the last outfit (member da start berangan-angan tuu), Mama, aunt and I hunted for an alternative Nikah outfit and then I saw IT. It was a long white jubah with many2 details around the chest area ala2 V.ersari’s bajus and I told KN I want to try it on. She then got the manager to assist in the unpicking of the jahitan because apparently the bride who wore the jubah before was petite. A far cry from me seh.

So the unpicking took quite awhile and 30mins later I was able to try it on and as the kain flowed down the length of my body, I knew I had picked out the right outfit. It was so comfortable and cooling because of the material and I said yes to the dress! no questions, no songeh. I LOVED IT!

Since Yan had problems with his nikah outfit too, KN pulled a whitish baju that would compliment my jubah and be all matchy-matchy wimme. Guess what, the outfit suited him perfectly. I have never seen him in white before and he blew me away. You noe, mcm ada halo atas kepala dia hahahah! so drama for wat. The colour made him so…radiant. So our nikah outfit were settled right there and then.

Yan made arrangements for a 2nd final fitting (LOL! boleh gitu eh!) with KN since he still had some adjustments made to his chosen bajus, and that was between them only cos mine da settled ma, just need to tighten the jubah abit, nothing major.

After all the fun, we made our last and final deposit and before we make our way home, KN wished us all the best and advised us to get ample sleep and rest.

Eeeee! shit just got real-er dude!

and sorry for the picture-less post except for that 1 lonely picture up there.


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