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Thank You Aishah (RW)!

After all the henna drama with SS, I was lucky enough to already have a free backup from my bridal. hahahaha! me being me just booked an appointment with SS cos I loved her designsss so much (hey! who doesnt love SS rite?) and I forgot that I already have free henna.

So I was scheduled for it on 23 October (Thursday) at 8pm but i received a message from an unknown number on 20 October and the person introduced herself as Aishah and she was the appointed one.

She asked me whether I have any designs in mind and being the slacker BTB that I was, I said no. LOLZ. Cos I THOUGHT she would bring a book of designs for me to choose from but she laughed and said no. She told me I can choose whatever design and she will try her best to replicate it freehandedly. At that point of time, I did not knowย of other henna people besides THE GREAT SS so I just scrolled and scrolled their IG to see whether there were any designs that might catch my eyes.

Scrolled and scrolled and scrolled aaand it was already Wednesday and I still did not have any designs in mind. hahahaha! so by Wednesday night, I picked the most simplest design I saw on SS’s IG and whatsapped Aishah. To be honest la, I did not dare to pick an intricate design cos I was worried she could not replicate it so simple was the way to go and I also did not want too much henna on my hands and feet la actually.


the design I picked from SS’s IG heh.



it has begun…

Our private henna session HAHA ended around 11pm and she advised me to leave it until the next day. She helped me apply some minyak kapak before she left. That night I couldnt sleep well, tossing and turning because I couldnt get a comfortable position. Takot my bedsheet kene the henna cos I just changed sheets. And my itchy hands started to fiddle2 with the dried-up henna, can kopek2 hahaha!

I managed to get some sleep and woke up to bits and pieces of dried-up henna all over my bed and floor hahahaha kesian my ayah who da penat2 clean my room from floor to ceiling. I told him his hard work da wasted he said nevermind, he will clean my room again later on. Can be a BTB again and again? LOL!

I quickly washed my hands and feet cos by then, I da start rimas and dried-up henna was not a pretty sight you know. The result? I was very disappointed with the outcome. Somehow my fingers did not dye properly and nicely.


See! so pucat rite the fingercaps!

I immediately whatsapped Aishah some pics and asked whether she can come again just to touch up and she agreed cos she felt so bad that the colour did not turn out nice. She came and touched up and left soon after. I received a message from her in the evening asking how was the stain.


Thankfully, the colour was dark enough. I felt so bad ah cos she’s preggers and kene turun naik but what to do ma rite. That nite, she …


awww ๐Ÿ™‚


6 thoughts on “Thank You Aishah (RW)!

      1. N somemore ur skin is fair cn really see the finger cappings before she touch up agn, finally it turns out well!!

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