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Thank You Bonito By Bob!





Yes, PS4 tu mandatory. Kesian seh all the upcoming BTBs, mesti fiancés or husbands to be dorang mintak PS4 as one of the things to exchange as gifts. Save money la dorg, we ladies yg melalak bila time bayar nanti LOL!

I digressed.

So Bob did an amazing job on our gift trays, we were so happy with the outcome. Simple, yet classy at the same time. I chose the themes for both and they were songket cos Yan was just “sebarang ah, up to you” ini smua normal. But good ah cos i had the say 😛

Thank you Bob for being so accommodating and homey towards us. First time we met da mcm kawan lama, berbual tak tgk time skali check2 da 2 hours LOL! Vendor gerek this one, i like! I like because asik dapat makan aje kat rumah dia HAHAHA ayam masak merah no less!

And did i mention that he is tak lokek langsung? The day before his people came to collect the dulangs back, I texted him saying that my mum berkenan with the big brooch (the one on Yan’s ring dulang) and asked him where he bought it. He said KL and told me to just let my mum have it! tak banyak songeh one! Why so sweet sia… 🙂



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