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Thank You Kasai Sayang!

Work on our venue started as early as on the Monday, 20th October as we engaged an external vendor to erect a tentage on the turf area just outside our voiddeck. When I got back from work half day that day as I was sick (pre-wed jitters?), I saw a lorry and heard noises, you noe those pasang khemah nye noises and terus satu badan berpeluh. panic la kan hahahaha!


sneaked a pic of the pakcik in-charge of my tentage 😛 he was the in-charge of our dais skeleton too.

The KS guys came over on Friday morning to start prettifying our dais and voiddeck. I wasn’t allowed to go down and see. Imagine being a prison in your own home. Sigh. I told my bro to snap some pics for me as I want to get an idea of how my decor looks like la.

My heart dropped when my mum told me that my decor looked plain and lacked oomph.


I cheered myself up by telling myself that it was not 100% completed yet so must wait for the actual day to see the whole outcome. That night, KS uploaded my decor picture onto their IG …


and I had to agree la it was very plain but tawakkal je lo, cos I have faith in them. Saw all their decor works and whats not to love right? Thats why I chose them in the first place back in 2012 right?

On the actual day itself, I could only go down and see my decor after my nikah -__- before that no time ma. Mane nak bangun, nak mandi, nak makeup, nak spray rambut LOL!

But lo and behold …

Ardian + Shahirah005

My initial reaction? WHOA! So bright ah?

Maybe my eyes were adjusting themselves to the daylight after being caved in for 3 days from the outside world hahaha!

Ardian + Shahirah006

Ardian + Shahirah012

Extras (S & A)037

Ardian + Shahirah118

Combined wedding ma.

Ardian + Shahirah120

Aahhh! That’s more like it. Decor looked more lively and happy during the day.

Sidenote: the botol2 of rempeyek were our own personal touch k. LOL!

Actually I wanted a little bit of blue here and there, a beeeeeet disappointed la cos I showed them a reference picture from their previous works but not to replicate exactly. I wanted a mixture of green and light pink and a bit of blue but izz okay. Turned out refreshing and bright. I did not want anything too dark, that was my main concern.

KS also supplied and customised our wedding cake, sirih dara, bunga rampai and my wedding bouquet. They were the free items I received from them during their promotion back then. No need headache2 find wedding cake supplier all. MANYAK SINANG!

Ardian + Shahirah011

my happy and colour2 sirih dara 😀

Ardian + Shahirah007

1 design of our bunga rampai. Nazri did not capture the other one sadly 😦

Ardian + Shahirah119

Our simple wedding cake. I have no preference asalkan ada cake. No cake also I ok. Cos cake wont make or break a wedding ma cos its just…cake. Funny story nonetheless, everyone thought the top tier is a fake cake so they kept poking it (disgusting I know but thats how you “test” whether its a fake or real cake ma right) and left finger markings, like dimples like that la. So during tear-down, the KS guys told me to take the cake home. I was like Eh? ni cake betul? HAHAHAHA! and they were amused by all the “dimples” “Sape ni cocok2 cake kau?” LOLZ! :mrgreen:


My customised wedding bouquet.

I specifically told them I wanted green so they incorporated green into the bouquet. Happy! BUT! yes, there’s a but. The bouquet did not make any appearances on my wedding day. Not even once. The picture above was from KS’s IG. Want to know why? Because the KS guys entrusted the bouquet with my dad thinking he would pass it to me upstairs (at that time I was upstairs getting ready la) but when I asked my dad after the whole event, he replied “ayah letak dalam bilik kau”


seriously father… but I couldnt blame him la, he is a man after all. Mana la dia tahu the bouquet was for his daughter to hold throughout the wedding, he might think the bouquet is for perhiasan only.

Anyway, my heartfelt thanks to the KS team for prettifying my dull voiddeck into a place so bright, fresh and inviting. There were no problems communicating with them from day 1 and I was a happy (and cramped) bride on that day 🙂


4 thoughts on “Thank You Kasai Sayang!

  1. Babe, you have a hugeeee space for a void deck eh. Mine pathetic sey! I can’t even set up additional tentage! Been finding a block with big space cos my Cc venue decided to reject me! Pfftt

    1. it was actually small la, according to my decorators. npk big but after you put in the tables and chairs, dais all, cramp abit. but still ok la, walkable.

      which part of SG are you at? dun give up. there WILL be alternatives. have faith 🙂

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