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Thank You AKRAB Kompang Services!

At yesterday’s jemputan, a makcik commented that she loved the kompang group I engaged. I also leh! Very entertaining without being over the top and got mini dance also HAHAHA! why so cute one! They made me smile and laugh on the pelamin even though I was already half-dead (my cousin said I look so cramped) LOLz!

The person who liaised (Izhar) with me pun very respectful and not pushy when I told him I may need to re-check on my dates. Easy vendor, happy me.

And also! (this I gotta add ah) Even when my 3 pitstops took quite awhile, they never once sang line “tolong cepat sikit tangan da sakit” or something like that la during the hadang. Aku yang stress atas pelamin, cos my cousins, aunties and brothers took forever to let Yan sit beside me! Tak kasi chan seh!

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3 thoughts on “Thank You AKRAB Kompang Services!

  1. gasp I did hear that “tolong cepat sikit…” line at a wedding I attended yest! it was at the mak andam nye stop, not sure why she took longer than expected though :/ but yeah some people might be offended by the kompang group singing that eeps.

    1. fuhh! mine nasib takde. My mak andam advised my husband to just put the correct amt in the envelope so that she dun have to “bargain” and waste time.

      But i think the AKRAB boys were ok, cos my hadangs to me mcm lama yet they kept kompang-ing as usual. no signs of frustrations la to say the least.

      1. haha yeah i think that makes sense since “duit kipas” is somewhat established anyway. i heard some other mak andams prefer to just take the amt and settle later. im guessing the hadang will feel extra long to the pengantin perempuan cos she’s anxious for her groom yet she cant really see whats happening!

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