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Thank You Gubahan Klasique!

Yet another easy vendor to liaise with.

For the sirih junjung, I just picked out from their collection, very straightforward cos I pun tak crewet. As long as it existed on my wedding day, Im happy. Actually takde pun I ok but my mama suruh order so I just order lo. Dont ask me the significance of it cos I don’t know.

Ardian + Shahirah010

I asked my mum regarding the Bunga Pahar, she said must have so ok lo I ordered also. So I picked out their Bear bunga pahar out of their BP collection and told them my requirements, the bears to wear emerald green shirts hahahah!

Ardian + Shahirah009

Kak S said upon delivery that that was the closest to emerald green she could find. To me, they were more blue. But ok la, added the blue that I wanted to my pelamin. Very cute right the bears? According to my parents, my aunties all rushed to grab a bear or 2.

In the end, mesti collect habuk jugakkan 😛


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