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Thank You Doulath Catering!

Sadly, no one captured pictures of my buffet tables argh WHY! Now tell me, how am I going to remember my buffet spread with no food pictures?! 😥

My biggest THANK YOUs to Cik Zubaidah and her team from Doulath Catering for ensuring everything runs smoothly on that day. Since Cik Z had no other major event besides a cukur rambut event on that day (thank god for changing my event to one day), so she was at my place the whole day running here and there supervising. She even had time to congratulate us when we were on the pelamin 🙂

The first time we met Cik Z was back in 22 March 2013. My first impression of her; a true blue business woman. The way she carried herself, professional and she oozed confidence. Even though she was late on that day, she made a point to call me and informed me. Oh, and she is not the type to demand payment. It is up to you whether you want you pay her or not. But end of event of course must settle full amount la.

What I like about Doulath Catering is, their menu can be extensive following your tekak (LOL!) but the price is not really that expensive sampai ke $14-$15 per head. We were the lucky few to be quoted $9 per head because we were returning clients. DC was my caterer for my engagement back in 2011 and my parents and I (and everybody else) loved their food, I decided to just stick with them. Senang, tak payah susah recce and go for food tastings.

Anyways, my lunch reception spread included;

-Nasi Briyani (Beef)
-Nasi Putih
-Paceri Nenas
-Ayam Masak Merah (my fav!)
-Black Pepper Prawns
-Sweet and Sour Fish
-Mee Soto
-Bubur Kacang
-Jelly Fruit Cocktail
-Fruits (2 kinds)
-Kuih-muih (5 types)
-Plain water, Lime cordial, Blueberry cordial, Teh O.

My rewang night dishes were the usual nasi padang spread which consisted of nasi putih, lemak ayam chilli padi, rendang lembu, sambal goreng tahu tempeh, ikan belado and tulang plus bread and drinks of course.

Extensive yeah? 🙂


We received nothing but high praises for our choice of caterer and dishes and from there, we knew we had made the right choice. Right choice meaning people will remember your event for the good things. My parents’ colleagues kept raving about the food when they got back to work the week after. Another relative of mine commented “PERST (first LOL!) time cik tambah dua kali. tak pernah pergi jemputan org cik tambah tau”. And that was like a month after our wedding.

See, food/caterer choice plays a big part of your event. It can either make or break your event, not your cake, not your henna. Choose your caterer wisely, just as how you would choose your bridal/decor or even your cake. If you are unsure, ask around. It is ok to ask around than just take the plunge and regret after.

Its a once in a lifetime event after all 🙂

Oh ya, I forgot to mention that Cik Z was very generous with her food. I paid for 1500 guests but I think she served for 2500. So much leftovers! Both side of close relatives got to tapau food balik, and there were tubs and tubs of nasi briyani for our family to bring home.


And this was us, having leftovers for supper after 2/3 days.

The food did not turn bad if you kept them in your fridge, the rice was still fragrant and brittle. Value for money! I think my family ate jemputan food for at least 1 week. LOL! like I said, so much leftovers!


2 thoughts on “Thank You Doulath Catering!

    1. Yes! No regrets engaging DC as my caterer. The food awesome la! And his family dun hav to worry abt shortage of food cos there wont be, confirm full aje buffet line 😛

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