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Thank You Choo Choo Churros!

Liaising with Effi from CCChurros from the start wasn’t awkward at all. He was someone I warmed up to even though we haven met (until my wedding day). Jokes and bantering back and forth made communications between us easy and lively. No awkwardness at all. Macam kawan lama seh.

And can you believe that I only got to taste and try these churros on my wedding day itself?! HAHA sad but true. I had all the intention in the world to make them myself at home but macam no time, with the wedding planning and all. LOL alasan je lebih!

When Effi served us these churros on our wedding table, I ignored the rest of the dishes (including the ayam masak merah wth!) that were laid out in front of me. Padahal tengah lapar gila babi but I could not bring myself to eat, maybe the nerves? the jitters? or my baju was damn ketat that day. I zeroed in to these lovely fried things and I instantly fell in love. Dip them in chocolate sauce, even better.

Ardian + Shahirah218

Meet Effi!

and dun mind Yan’s eyes. According to him, he was eyeing the sweet and sour fish LOLz!

Ardian + Shahirah221

Them oily goodness YUM!

Ardian + Shahirah123

The CCChurros Team!

I heard the queue for the churros was long and non-stop and these guys kept frying up batches and batches to feed my guests (read: money spent wisely LOL!) 🙂 And they lured in the older folks too!


that’s my paternal grandfather (in red) with his friends 😛


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