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Thank You Berkat Inc.!

Since I’ve decided to give out telur asins to my guests as favours, I need to find a vendor who can design and supply simple boxes. I did not want anything to complicated. A simple box with a Thank You tag is more than enough for me.

I just randomly FB-searched for Berkat … and the first result was Berkat Inc. Captain Obvious please!

I whatsapped Kak D.ayana since she left her number on her profile and explained wat kind of boxes I wanted.


From one of her FB albums. (sort of like a slot in box like dat la) Simple right?

But she suggested to take a much simpler box with a cover on top so I can just throw the eggs in since they will be folded by her team. And no need for a Thank You tag or sticker cos she will print the words right on the boxes. I ok la, the simpler the better.

I asked for a light pink and light blue for me and Yan respectively and she came up with this;


Overall, I am happy with her service. Messages were replied on a timely basis, no late2 ones unless she is outstation or on a holiday. Other than that, an easy vendor to liaise with.


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