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Thank You Kak Nora & Ratu Weddings!

Hahahaha! I purposely save the best for last. My bridal la, what else πŸ˜›

Sticking with Kak Nora despite all the drama in between, lagi2 nearing to my wedding day, was the BEST DECISION EVERRR and I did not regret one bit of it, even if it took 3 years of my life hahahaha! πŸ™‚

I loved how she did my makeup during my engagement and I loved my wedding day makeup even more! Loved my eyebrows especially. I can haz nice eyebrows! WANT TO SEE OR NOT?



Nice right? The make up la. Dun mind my plain face. Kak Nora asked for it.


TEEHEE! :mrgreen:

Ardian + Shahirah022

1st look.

Ardian + Shahirah127

2nd look.

Extras (S & A)163

Β 3rd look.

Actually, all 3 looks were almost the same. Kak NoraΒ just touched up and changed the lip colour…I think.

Ok la, enough about my face. Lets give the bajus some airtime πŸ™‚

Ardian + Shahirah077Nikah Outfit.

Ardian + Shahirah214

Sanding Outfit.

Ardian + Shahirah276

Β Formal Outfit.

Initially, during our outfits selection day, I mentioned that my favourite outfit for the day would be the formal outfit but I changed my mind heh~ My favourite outfit was the nikah baju! πŸ˜€ I felt so beautiful and ladylike in that piece and also it fitted me perfectly. And most importantly, it hid my ketak2 (LOL!)

I would love the last outfit IF i had enjoyed wearing it. Actually it wasn’t the baju la. I was really tired by the time we need to change into the last outfits and my face really showed my tiredness. Sighhh. And also, my hairdo was a bit messy and Kak Nora had no time to rearrange my hair cos da spray2 and to comb out, it will cause frizz.

It was an honour to be made up by Kak Nora and like I mentioned earlier, I have no regrets. My only concern was my hair. I really wished juruandams/makeup artists know how to work with curly hair cos not all brides-to-be have straight hair you know. I mean we have naturally curly hair, why cant they make the most out of it?


12 thoughts on “Thank You Kak Nora & Ratu Weddings!

  1. as salam sis,
    You look beautiful in all your outfits! cantik sgt…..especially with the smile that u put on in all the pictures, u btol2 shine seh πŸ™‚

    1. I helped Kak Nora abit by straightening my hair. Actually kan, mak andams shud learn how to dress curly hair seh. asik straight hair boring jugak ape. anyways, thank you so much for the kind words! pure and demure for a day aje πŸ˜›

  2. Obviously I’m doing some major stalking but I love your nika outfit. Did you customise it or got it from Ratu Weddings? :))

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