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Rewang Night (24.10.14)

While I was having my henna done in my room,


so much stuff were happening downstairs and I was quite bummed that I kena “locked up” in my own house. My parents, nenek and relatives did not allow me to join in the funrewang-ing. I can’t even look at my decor for goodness sake -___-!

Earlier in the day, boxes and boxes of salted eggs and also my favour boxes were delivered and they were parked at one side of the house like so…


(bad piggies tgk mesti happy seh pasal banyak eggs! hahahaha!)

… waiting for elves (LOL!) to help me pack them up. Speaking of which, my paternal nenek and aunts plus Yan’s cousins/aunties came over that night to do just that.



bergotong-royong ye puan2!

Meanwhile, my mama and aunt helped to dress up my parents’ bedroom which was used as my bridal room.


As you can see, I opted for a simple change of bedsheet (borrowed from my cousin who used it for her wedding back in 2009 hahahah cheapo sia me!) and furry2 red carpet (borrowed from my uncle). Nothing too extravagant or over the top, and most importantly, all free of charge 😛

Another item that was very basic were our duit salaman boxes (I only thought about them the day before my wedding, how last minute of me!). I got my 2nd brother to ask for 2 paper boxes with lid and buy some wrapping papers from the stationery shop downstairs and got my elder brother to help me wrap them up and turn them into makeshift tabungs for our parents to throw the money envelopes in.


Please dont mind my wrapping paper. I told my 2nd brother to buy plain green/gold/pink/black but he bought the smiley2 one plak. My elder brother and I jokingly said that our parents’ faces mesti smiley2 macam the smileys on the wrapping paper when receiving duit salaman hahahaha.

In the evening, I was left alone in the house while my relatives were downstairs. Remember the botol2 of rempeyek in this post? I mentioned that they were our own personal touches and here’s why.





Packed by my cousins and aunts. We ordered the bags of rempeyeks from my mum’s colleague. I think we ordered ard 50 bags hahahaha ni bukan gagah, ni gelojoh.

Anyway, the reason why I was really bummed out was not because I wasnt allowed to see my decor or pack the rempeyek or susun2 the tables and chairs. It was because I can’t be downstairs and smell the lauk2 rewang and eat them! I could already smell them from upstairs when Doulath came at around 5-ish pm to set up the buffet for makan malam but not enough lo!

67265_10152807530923675_7357007114210585148_n10419565_10152807531003675_7543280281122633453_n 10425348_10152807531083675_8816007264695628229_n 10469327_10152807531133675_6642330909046766817_n

and not forgetting my mum’s famous Chee Cheong Fun.


Look at all the glorious foods that I missed!


Actually, my family weren’t that evil la for not letting me eat. They offered to bring up some food for me but somehow my stomach could not take them in. Hmmm, nervous ke?


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