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Wedding of Ardian & Shahirah – The Sanding

Updating while waiting for my husband to get ready cos I’m dragging him out to date …

Right after The Nikah, we went separate ways to get ready for The Sanding since we had planned to continue having the hadangs or wedding ERPs (or my parents insisted senang cakap) and also we have already booked kompang even though it was to be a one day event. While Yan changed at our new home, Kak Nora and I went upstairs to have a war with the sanding outfit.

War because I knew it would be tight and I was right. Kak Nora was like “ok breathe in…!” hahahaha! my body shaper not working I guess 😛

She changed my hairstyle too to compliment the outfit. I decided not to wear the sanggul lintang even though I would love to but somehow I felt my face would not suit it and Ive heard stories that some sanggul lintang are like weights on your head. My gf experienced a splitting headache wearing one during her wedding so kesian!

I digressed.

I chose not to wear too many accessories on my head and neck since the baju had so many/much(?) details and I did not want to overdo it. So Kak Nora just decorated my hair with some flowers and cucuk sangguls.

Ardian + Shahirah129

 Posed shot with Kak Nora. Mcm giant aku! HAH! and some typical posey shots of me 😛

Ardian + Shahirah131

the action pakai earring shot

Ardian + Shahirah130

pakai kasut shot.
I admit, mcm jantan the pose but I could not help it since the baju was so tight around the waist and I could not do the typical demure pakai kasut shot.

Ardian + Shahirah128

 and the look up to the camera shot.

Ardian + Shahirah144

all alone on the dais.

It wasn’t long before I heard the familiar sounds of the kompangs and it was time to meet my husband! TEEHEE!

Ardian + Shahirah147

Avengers Assemble! #ohtakeh LOL!

Ardian + Shahirah150

muka boring bila nampak my cousins at the first gantry hahahaha! good good very good!

Ardian + Shahirah149

my cousins!
they are younger in age compared to Yan’s cousins. I initially did not want any gantries cos I know how Yan’s cousins are and I dun wish for my cousins to be “bullied” but in the end, his side yang kene bully! 😛 My cousins stopped them and asked them to do the Limbo Rock 3 times before they could enter. As usually, there were good-natured banterings and my emcee AB Shaik stepped in to help out. He even Limbo-ed to show them how it’s done hahaha!


 but in the end, 3 of them were good sports 🙂


 after the first gantry, Yan and his entourage proceeded into the voiddeck and was greeted by another gantry. This time, my makcik2.

Extras (S & A)088

I heard this was unplanned and some more joined in after this shot.

Ardian + Shahirah155 Ardian + Shahirah156

 Yan’s lead bestman felt like giving up hahaha cos all the makciks just went “tak cukup tak cukup!  mane ade cukup!” adoiii~ makciks, why u so liddat one. But in the end, one of my aunts allowed them to proceed THANK GOD! I remembered whispering to Kak Nora “asal macam lama eh?” LOL! TAK SABAR NAMPAK NAK JUMPE LAKI! 😛

If 2 gantries weren’t enuf, they were met by my last gantry, my brothers.

Ardian + Shahirah157

they were supposed to be “tough-looking” but my 2nd brother is a giggly person by nature la. Oh ya, I did not employ any bridesmaids if you may have realised by now. The night before, I was asked to prepare 3 questions by my 1st brother so they can “test” Yan on how well he knows me.

  1. My favourite food which is Ayam Masak Merah (surprise tak korang? HAHA)
  2. My favourite colour which is Green
  3. My shoe size (LOL LOL!) which is err … 11

aiya simple2 aje cos I dun wish for the gantries to be very long and draggy ma.

Tiga Abdul vs Enam Jahanam

Ardian + Shahirah158

Ardian + Shahirah164

Ardian + Shahirah160

Ketawa evil npk! Ni part my brothers kene balik hahahah mean seh!

Extras (S & A)092 Ardian + Shahirah163 Ardian + Shahirah161


Ardian + Shahirah165

it was such a spectator sport as you can see and it was the longest wait of my life LOL!

Ardian + Shahirah162

but I kene maintain … and finallyyy

Ardian + Shahirah166

Assalamualaikum sayang (LOL! cheesy or wat!)

Ardian + Shahirah172

Ardian + Shahirah171in the middle of the kompang performances by the AKRAB boys. Then it was time for the salam2 session with our parents.

Ardian + Shahirah176 Ardian + Shahirah177

and NO, I did not shed a tear. I dunno why, maybe my emotions tgh tonggang terbalik ah.

Ardian + Shahirah178 Ardian + Shahirah179

aww mama happy to finally receive a son-in-law.

Ardian + Shahirah180 Ardian + Shahirah181 Ardian + Shahirah182

hahahaha! my mama hilang in the last shot. Kena blocked by Yan’s tanjak! :mrgreen:

Then it was his parents’  turn.

Ardian + Shahirah183 Ardian + Shahirah184

emo moment

Ardian + Shahirah185 Ardian + Shahirah186

as usual, no emotions 😐

Ardian + Shahirah187 Ardian + Shahirah188 Ardian + Shahirah189

with his family!

Ardian + Shahirah193 Ardian + Shahirah199 Ardian + Shahirah202

couply shots of us.

Just a small fact, our height difference is not much only that I am blessed with a short torso and that’s why I look shorter seated. Looks like I was slouching eh but I wasnt at all. Just that I have a short upper body and long legs.

Ardian + Shahirah215 Ardian + Shahirah216

and time to makan! As much as I was excited to try the dishes laid out in front of us, I wasn’t feeling hungry at all. Maybe the jitters took over or I was giving up on the baju already.

Ardian + Shahirah219 Ardian + Shahirah220

cheesy suap-menyuap shots 😛

Ardian + Shahirah222

ni part Yan malas nak layan but he had to hahahaha!

and last one with Wishing Wand’s backdrop before we changed into our last outfit.

Ardian + Shahirah228

laters baby! ❤

10 thoughts on “Wedding of Ardian & Shahirah – The Sanding

  1. Wow!! You look so radiant and smiling always! I love the void deck deco with the jap lanterns! too cute!! Congrats on your wedding dear. May you marriage and love stay beautiful forever till Jannah insyaAllah

    1. THANK YOU! 😀 but i will have to forward all my thanks to Kak Nora la since she was the one who did an amazing job. She really masked all the tiredness on my face eh?

      Thank you so much for the well wishes. I wish for the same to u too 🙂

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